Alive and Well

Trying: I TRULY appreciated your comments about BABIES! I guess I just wanted validation that I wasn’t being ridiculous in feeling the way I felt.  I’ve resorted to, “it’s really none of your business,” when STRANGERS ask! Honestly, it is sweet that my friends are anxious for another Baby Arsenal, and they aren’t the problem.  I would say that 100% of people who ask if we are “trying” mean it in a positive way. For sure I have done my fair share of teasing my friends about babies; when my friend Kelley told me she was pregnant I responded with this: “What? Congrats! I didn’t even know you were trying.” Yah, NOT my proudest moment. I guess being HER friend meant that I should know all about EVERYTHING… Yah RIGHT! Truth, we’ve ALL said rude or insensitive things to each other. Sorry friends, family, and fellow bloggers for anything dumb and thoughtless I’ve said to you. 🙂

French: Oh Gooner. She learns FAST, but is mixing up the grammar which is HYSTERICAL. For example she SHOULD say, “Mommy’s cup.” But what she DOES say is, “Cup de Mommy.” Or I will hold her bear and say, “Mommy’s bear.” and she laughs and says, “NO, teddybear de Gooner!”

Turbo Fire: I’ve successfully completed two weeks. I am STILL doing the “new to class” sessions and I STILL look like an idiot. For REALS. Clarissa came over one day and completed a Fire workout with me. Good times. We were both gasping for air. Not only are the workouts intense, but we managed to gab the whole time so we were GASPING for air by the end. Working out with friends is SO MUCH MORE FUN.

Marriage: Our anniversary is this month! LOVE him.

Blogs: I’m WAY behind! I can’t wait to read all your thoughts this weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Alive and Well

  1. LOVE the grammar mix ups. Too cute!

  2. Hope you guys have a great Anniversary!!

  3. Clarissa

    Hooray for your anniversary. I was just thinking about it and how beautiful it was and how beautiful you were and how we hadn’t seen each other in a long time before that. And now you live here, and we see each other…more.

  4. What a sweet wedding yours was! anniversaries are the best! And I totally don’t even remember you saying that, ha! I never announced to anyone, not even family, we were trying because I was so afraid we wouldn’t get pregnant so a lot of people were shocked when I shared the news so no comment threw me off guard 🙂

  5. Jess

    The English/French mixups are adorable!

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