Week Three: Turbo Fire

I feel like I see my feet A LOT during the ab section of Turbo Fire. The first week of Turbo Fire was – weird. I didn’t know the choreography; the workouts took forEVER because I had to learn and THEN do the workout. Gooner still wanted me to do “Jillian” and would throw a small fit – that I had to deal with RIGHT THEN – and then complete the workout. Although I’d been working out I was SO OUT OF BREATH during the cardio days. My MAJOR complaint is that in the “Prep. Stage” you only get TWO days of cardio a week. Blech! Apparently week 4 ups the ante! YAY! The other days are filled with Toning, Yoga, and Abs. Those are PERFECT, BUT I would love to do a toning workout AND a cardio workout and clearly I will get that later. I just want it NOW, but they are the experts right? CLEARLY they are because in today’s cardio workout I was able to do HARD cardio for 40 minutes. This past week I lost 1.4 pounds which is pretty exciting. I know, I know, it isn’t ALL about the number. But I’m working hard and if you recall, the scale did NOT move with Jillian… That was annoying. I know I should workout for my HEALTHY and for a better quality of life… but come on, quite a bit is for vanity! I mean, SPRING is HERE!!!! I want to look cute and fun, NOT pudgy and rolly.

Gooner is not pudgy and rolly. She has some AWESOME spring wear because this girl LOVES skirts…just like her Mom.

Almost ALL recent photos show Gooner REACHING towards the camera. Ever since my cousin Josh showed her on his camera how you can SEE yourself in the window:

it’s all she does…reach for the camera.

And our “Love Day” is coming! YAY!

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7 thoughts on “Week Three: Turbo Fire

  1. Congrats on the weight loss. πŸ˜‰ Right now, I’ve banned myself from looking at the scales. Just trying to rely on how I feel, and how my clothes fit. Best part is Josh has noticed a significant difference since I started the Shred. I’m still doing my walk at home, and tone it up work outs…but man I’ve never seen my body change this fast. I think it’s a good thing.

    Love day??? Anniversary???

  2. You are not pudgy and rolly. You in fact are super cute and slender! So I am sure you will look H-O-T in your spring wear. Only wish I could see you in it. (insert a boohoo here). Way to be on the weight loss….maybe I should do turbo fire or maybe I should stop eating cookies every night. Seriously though the cookies just jump off the plate into my mouth every time I bake them..I dont understand it πŸ˜‰

  3. That’s awesome about the work outs! Have a great love day!

  4. Pudgy and rolly my ass. Oh wait… yes.. my ass IS pudgy and rolly. I doubt yours is.

  5. Happy almost Anniversary!! They are the best! I love all your workout updates. It always gets me motivated.

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