It is no secret that I truly enjoy coffee. Below is a pic of my friend and I enjoying Starbucks in Turkey. Why I did this I will NEVER KNOW, because Turkish cafe is far superior.

I do. I love the way it tastes, the way it smells…the whole experience of it all. This was my mug in Turkey. EVERYBODY kept taking my mug, hence the Turkish warning…

I love to drink it alone – you KNOW Q doesn’t touch the stuff – or with friends. Fluffy coffee in Europe with friends is tres fab! I mean these places don’t have “to go” cups… It’s ALL about the experience. And they serve it on cute trays.

All my friends who drink coffee assume that I will have a French press of something yummy ready to brew. I also am fully stocked of creamer for when they arrive. I prefer caffeinated coffee because the beans have more oil and I personally feel a “fuller” flavour. But I don’t like to be addicted to anything, so I DO drink decaf as well to throw myself off. And if I’m worried about becoming addicted I drink tea. I let Gooner try my coffee once because I didn’t think she would HONESTLY like it. She did. Does. Whatever. She always asks first, but I let her stick her finger in my “foffee.” And because I run her life, ie: am MOM….which is totally crazy in my brain at times…everything comes out as a question. “Foffee?” It’s only fair that she gets a drop since she is my personal barista.

Gooner helps me grind the beans, but I don’t let her deal with the ground beans or “grounded beans” if you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. I HATE stepping on coffee ALL DAY LONG. Somehow whenever she “helps” me we get ground beans EVERYWHERE.  Which wouldn’t be a big deal but she then wants to help me sweep. She’s a good helper she is!

Ding! Time to push the French Press: That’s HER job.

It takes TWO hands and bed hair to push it properly.

Sometimes I will try to help by using my thumb, and she ALWAYS follows suit. Her two year old thumb is just not that strong though…

Coffee tastes BETTER if the inside of the mug is a different colour than the outside…. What do you think?

Yum! I feel like I’m raising an addict.  But that’s not all bad. Last week I was ill and couldn’t work out for three days. Gooner was VERY distraught that we couldn’t do Turbo Fire. VERY. When it is time to work out, it is time to work out, and we do NOT deviate from this schedule. So what did we do….we watched Turbo Fire from the couch. Oh yes we did.

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12 thoughts on “Foffee

  1. You know I am an addict. I don’t even think coffee effects me anymore, it’s more about the flavor. I would love to try a European coffee someday. We are planning a trip to Paris next year so hopefully I can try some fluffy coffee 🙂 Gooner is getting SO big!

  2. Ok, she is the cutest barista I’ve ever seen! 🙂 Mmm…I so enjoy a good cup of coffee. I’d love to have a cup with you!!

  3. Ellie likes coffee too! She helps grind the beans or shakes her booty while they are grinding.
    And I love Gooner’s bedhead.

  4. I LOVE Foffee. It is one of my favorite things. I’m currently plotting getting a Nespresso… our friends have one, and it makes a spectacular americano. My girls love to make foffee too. Counting the scoops is one of their favorite things to do for me.

  5. Well, you probably know by now that I’m a confessing addict. 😉 Actually, I’ve come a long way. When I worked a 9-5, the only way I could stay awake was pretty much living off of caffeine…it wasn’t unheard of for me to drink 2-3 glasses a DAY + my weekend down time with friends. AHEM. I’ve gotten much, much better. I may have 3-4 cups a week, but rarely more. I try to switch it up with herbal tea, or a chai. I still love it…but now that I don’t drink it so much, it’s an actual treat.

    We have a french press, and love to make it at home to save $$, and enjoy a date night in. I loved the experience of drinking coffee in Paris…quaint little cups, on little cafe tables. Another great coffee experience was Guatemala! Oh, their coffee was to DIE for. While on mission trips, our crew would actually stay on a coffee plantation that was owned by the missionaries. It was so good, I could drink it black if need be. Now, what is Turkish coffee? There is actually a little hole in the wall restaurant near us that serves it, so I may have to try it out.

    Okay, I have prattled on far too long about coffee…(blush)

  6. C.

    I love drinking coffee with you, friend!

  7. Errign

    I despise coffee, which is funny coming from a part-time barista. 😀

    This post however, is adorbs. I think that bed-head is pretty much essential to everything haha.

  8. That is awesome about watching the Turbo Fire video from the couch. That cracks me up. Gooner will turn out just fine in the physical activities department. Ha!

  9. P.S. Sorry for the disappointment on the “b” announcement. Still not quite there yet. 🙂

  10. Foffee has been my bff here lately. Coconut, to be exact. I don’t get much sleep these days and it’s wearin’ me out! Q loves it, too. He takes his “coff coff” mug when he goes out to eat breakfast with his Dadda one Saturday out of the month. It’s pretty cute.

    Lovin’ those Gooner curls! She’s getting soooo big!

  11. Hannah

    Gooner is a doll. And I LOVE that you watched Turbo Fire. We have actually done that too (I nursed the baby, and my toddler did “dance class” alone).

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