Searching for Something…

Top Searches for the week on this here blog: Dog; arsenal family wordpress; couple in love madly; is the turbo fire choreography hard; happy anniversary my frend

First, I would like to address that we get the most hits from the word “dog.” Hmmmmmm, we don’t own one yet, BUT I assumed we are getting hits from Q meeting “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” When we DO add a dog to the Arsenal Family you guys will surely know RIGHT AWAY.

Arsenal Family WordPress: I suppose these are fellow friends and bloggers that forgot our URL and are searching desperately trying to find information about our SUPER exciting life.

Couple in Love Madly: This one is awesome and makes me laugh. I would like to announce that we have a perfect relationship and NEVER argue. We also never disagree… but we ARE madly in love! Oh I love him!

Is the Turbo Fire Choreography Hard?: The First few times YES!!!! I was so annoyed! I hate not understanding how to do something and I feel like an idiot. Who wants to feel that way? I don’t know. NOT ME. You have to click on the “New to Me” button and the workout takes LONGER. It’s so annoying. AND, I would run out of steam. AND Gooner would lose it. Soon though, it’s beyond fabulous. I am LOVING it. Truly. The HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training raises your heart rate ALL DAY LONG burning MORE calories. So yes, it is hard at first, but you’ll figure it out.

Happy Anniversary My Frend: Hmmmmmmmmm, the misspelling is hard to ignore. We did in fact have an amazing anniversary. We’ve been married for three years! We have definitely annoyed friends and strangers alike with our love sick ways. This was the ONLY pic we happened to snap on our anniversary.

And Gooner turns 2 in a couple of days. TWO YEARS OLD. She feels older to me since her vocabulary has EXPLODED. It also seems just yesterday that my body was split in two having her. I STILL have not forgotten my ordeal.  EVERYONE told me I would forget. Forget when I saw her. Forget as time went by… Um WHATEVER. This is one reason why there aren’t any Baby Arsenal announcements yet. Don’t worry, we are getting ready, and we need to “get on that” as our neighbors and fellow soccer mom’s have reminded us.  But for now our little girl is two. I love her so much!

Her Daddy loves her too!

She kept calling the bears “pigs.” I guess we need to work on our animals. To the Zoo! To the Zoo!

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12 thoughts on “Searching for Something…

  1. I always get a kick out of going and looking what keywords what bring people to my blog!

  2. 2! that;s crazy!

  3. I love looking at those! I Have some funny ones and have been meaning to do a post on this all year 😦 I’ll get to it! 🙂

  4. Funny–those searches are great.

    Gooner is too cute!

  5. C.

    Look at that grin! I love it! Also, look at you two! Hooray and congratulations!

  6. Hannah

    Everything about this post made me laugh. I love it all.

  7. I love the “couple in love madly” search. It seems so very appropriate that they landed here.

    And oh my – if you guys end up with a second baby I will probably DIE of the cuteness. Can you imagine two Gooners? AMAZING.

  8. Couple in love madly is SO funny!!
    You should cherish each day that Gooner is an only child. I LOVE having two, but you can never go back!

  9. That’s so funny. I get the weirdest hits on mine too! I think the most hits I get are on Moles. HA! I did a post a long time ago about moles and I’m still getting hits on it. Too funny.

    I can’t wait for you guys to get ready and “get on that”. It will be so much fun to read about and share your excitement!

  10. Great blog! I found your site because of your post title which is the same as my blog! Glad I found it!

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