Weighty Issues

It is snowing in May and I’m ok with that. I LOVE overcast dreary weather. Last night felt like Fall and it was FABULOUS! I took pics of the snow but I’ve not the energy to load them.

Gooner dipped her dirty socks in my water, ate my coupons, and spilled ground coffee all over the kitchen.

We spent the morning at the DMV…who doesn’t love that? The woman who helped me was quite large so I didn’t feel so bad about announcing my weight. Aren’t all women supposed to weigh between 115 and 120? Oh wait, is that just a stereotype???

And that’s all I’ve got today.

***I wrote this post last week and THOUGHT I hit publish. I went to write a post today and found it. Awesome. It wasn’t snowing today, but it is supposed to rain all week.***

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8 thoughts on “Weighty Issues

  1. Dont you hate when you think you posted something and then realize it didnt? Snow in May? Crazy. DMV’s drive me crazy. I always change my height by an inch, not sure why I make myself shorter some years but I just think its fun to see if they ever notice that I say a different height. Silly right? Oh and about the whole milk thing… I’m not set on either I just figure I’ll do whatev the doc says that gets him off the boob. So thats my stance on the issue šŸ™‚ Love you lots.

  2. Ha! I’ve done that before. I was missing your posts!

  3. I like cool days in spring and summer because it’s like a little piece of fall shows up unexpectedly. It’s cool and rainy here today and I’m enjoying it.

  4. Errign

    I hate that you have to put your weight on your dmv application. It’s irrelevant information, really. At least in NH they translate that to a number (1-whatever)) so it’s not totally obvious.

  5. Snow in may? I should be shocked, but thanks to our weird weather…I’m not. We had a cool spell for the past couple of days. It is nice, and reminds me of fall, too. šŸ™‚

  6. Lori

    I wish I weighed that…lucky! I LOVE cooler days amidst the HEAT…:-)

  7. Jen S.

    Wow, snow?!? Dirty socks in your water and digested coupons makes for an interesting day…for sure! šŸ™‚ Maybe Gooner was lacking some fiber? Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

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