The Mountains Await

We have big hiking plans this weekend. Q has today AND Monday off… fun times await! Thanks to REI’s anniversary sale we bought Gooner her first pair of Keens. Do you own a pair?  You should. We ALL love them. Gooner calls them her “wandels” er, sandals. Q decided that EVERY avid hiker needs a pair. My Mom and Dad bought me these Keens for my trip to Panama and they were AMAZING. I then told Q about them and he now owns two pair! It’s only RIGHT that Gooner gets on board. We let her choose the colour: purple!

We also bought a pack that Q can strap on his strong back for when she gets tired.

And for curiosity’s sake, how many banana’s does your family eat in a week? Below is a picture or what our family of 3 consumes in 7 days. And by the end we are rationing!

Hector: the newest member of our family. Gooner told him goodnight last night.

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12 thoughts on “The Mountains Await

  1. Love the shoes! Bryant has some from his boundary waters trip. Matthew should probably learn to walk before he gets a pair! HA!

  2. You know how much we love Keens!! 🙂 Best shoes ever. (In the hiking sandal category anyway. Hee hee. I love all shoes, so I always have to clarify the category, otherwise my Vasques might get offended, or my favorite pair of red heels, or my favorite pair of green heels, and so on and so forth.) You can tell Gooner that purple is a great choice, because they wash up GREAT. They come out of the washer looking brand-new. The pink ones come out looking sort of dingy, but all our purple ones have been hiked through mud, creeks, dust, etc., and washed many times and they still look new.

    That’s a lot of Bananas!! Probably don’t need to take a potassium supplement. 🙂

  3. Thats a BUNCH of bananas!! We are really into strawberries and watermelon now and then we’ll go back to bananas and grapes. Of course, oranges and apples come and go too.

  4. Errign

    Holy bananas batman!

    I owe hot pink keens! I like them, but I HATE that sand gets into my toes!

  5. Clarissa

    I don’t own Keens or any hiking shoes.

    I think bananas are generally gross. I’m glad you enjoy them, though, since they’re good for you and all.

    Also, where is Hector? Is he the statue? I’m confused. However, it’s super-cute that Gooner says goodnight to him.

  6. I hear such great things about Keens! My friends Mom got two brand new pair at the Goodwill (tags and all) for 4.99 – that’s FOUR DOLLARS NINETY NINE CENTS. I had shoe envy for a few minutes, there. I’m currently shopping for a good pair of everyday flats. With some orthotic support in them for my poor flat feet.

    It’s been like trying to find an electrical outlet in an amish home.

    Q doesn’t care for bananas much, we went on hiatus from them and now he likes them some. He’d much rather prefer to eat his weight in mandarins/pineapple/blueberries – which, of course, have serious repercussions when consumed in large quantities. Strawberries are a real favorite, and peaches, oh and mango. He’s a real fruit fanatic. He even likes to eat lemons…

    Have fun hiking!

  7. I’m so jealous! We would totally be out hiking everyday if we could. I will just live through you I guess. 🙂

    That’s amazing on the bananas. Unfortunately, Ryan doesn’t like them, which is so sad.

    Who is Heckor? I can’t see him!

    • He is at the top of the statue. I know, I think we will only get to hike once a week though due to life. boo. I am so thankful we had such a long weekend!

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