Red Rocks: Trading Post Trail

Name: Trading Post Trail – No sand at the start – just rock!
View:6 out of 10 (the views from the trail were lackluster since we hiked a big circle around SPECTACULAR rock formations.)
BUT, the view from the ampitheater was AMAZING! You can see Denver in the distance.
Difficulty: EASY! Gooner wanted to do it BY HERSELF…and she did.
Overall Enjoyment: We had a blast!
Elevation: 6,400
Like mother, like daughter.
I can’t believe I used to run these stairs FOR FUN in college. I was crazy, but it was GREAT training.
We did NOT let Gooner climb the stairs, it would have taken her FOREVER!
This day we remembered her sun shade for the pack. She ended up wanting the bandana again!
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9 thoughts on “Red Rocks: Trading Post Trail

  1. Great pictures!! Maggie used to wear a bandana to keep her nearly bald head from getting burned. Love it.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! When can I visit?

  3. beautiful pictures! you look so beautiful and happy in them 🙂

  4. So cool… those stairs look like great training. I used to do that too. Now I’m afraid I’d fall and break my nose. That being said, I’d probably still do it, ha! Hoping to do some hiking in WY next week, but we’ll see. That pack looks great. I wish we’d had one of those when our kids were little.

  5. Wow! Those stairs look crazy. Looks like a gorgeous area for hiking.

  6. Errign

    Looks like SO much fun – and those stairs must have been killer!

  7. That’s some beautiful photography! There are some great hiking trails where I live (Tucson), but I don’t go nearly enough! I need to do more, for sure!!!

  8. The red rocks are just so lovely!

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