Random Edition #10

1. We went on another hike this week.  Poor Q, because BOTH Gooner and I were whiny.

2. I ate this:

for breakfast. And was pleased with my decision.

3. Gooner didn’t feel all that terrific. I’m glad she’s feeling better!

4. More indoor soccer!

5. Do you want to win a swim suit? If so, head over to “The Seattle Smiths.” I’m pretty sure the company offers the hot body as an added bonus… I just can’t do the whole bikini thing anymore…my chest NEVER SHRUNK!!! What is up with that? I definitely do NOT need a push up.

6. Gooner needed her wrists wrapped like her Dad. For the love.

7. Whenever I have Gooner try something new I ask her if she, “likes it?” So now she regularly goes to the kitchen and requests “more like it? Please?” If I only knew what she was talking about!

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7 thoughts on “Random Edition #10

  1. Clarissa

    Haha! I love Gooner’s taped wrists. I’m sure she was an even more skillful cheerer for her dad with wrist support.

  2. Errign

    Gooner is the cutest! 🙂

  3. Petter butter on a spoon is yummers!

  4. So so so cute!

  5. I’ll take the PB off your hands. 😉 Have you had the chocolate dreams one? I’ve heard it’s good, but haven’t tried it.

  6. Haha! I love that she asks for more “like it”…So cute!!

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