Summer Eats

Corn is what we eat a few times a week around here.

Do you see the blanket on the floor? That is to protect our carpet from wayward kernals.

Q and I ate the corn as well, BUT we just don’t look as cute eating it.

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10 thoughts on “Summer Eats

  1. I love me some corn! I remember shucking them as a kid and loving it!

  2. what you dont eat your corn like that 😉 she is adorable! are you coming here???

  3. Yeah, it’s pretty hard to look any cuter!

  4. Adorable!! 🙂 I love grilled corn on the cob.

  5. Clarissa

    So cute! I remember being that happy eating corn on the cob–but never that cute, I’m sure.

  6. We love corn on the cob here, too! I bet Gooner asks for more “like it” when she’s finished!

  7. mrsleahmaria

    There’s just something about a little one eating corn! So cute!

  8. M

    I love the little finger sticking out. Is she related to her Aunt Angel?

  9. Oh, that is TOO cute. We love corn on the cob here too. It’s great when kids are super excited for a veggie.

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