Hike: Elk Meadow

We switched to Sleepy S Trail. It started out down hill, which is NEVER good when you know you still have a summit ahead of you.

Sadly we didn’t see any elk in this meadow, but we did see some driving to the head of the trail.

The views were fabulous!

We stopped and had lunch half way up.

Someone got VERY sleepy! She always wants to get down at dangerous places so Q did a great job distracting her!

The descent was SO pretty! I LOVE the smell of the pine!

Family shot. Years ago we gave up on  random folks taking our pictures because they were always in some way a big FAILURE. Now I perch the camera on rocks and logs, use the timer, and RUN!

After her nap she was ALL SMILES!

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5 thoughts on “Hike: Elk Meadow

  1. Awwwe, you guys look like you had a blast! Your log tripod certainly did a better job that most random human-taken photos I’ve ever seen!

  2. Looks like fun! I love the picture of Gooner after her nap!!!

  3. Errign

    Great family day out, and seriously Gooner is ADORBS.

  4. That looks like a great hike. Beautiful! I totally agree with the random stranger pictures… I hate handing my very expensive camera over to someone else too. We have a little tripod that we can set up that works pretty well in case the logs are wet or whatever, but we’ve been so much happier since we started just planning to take our own family pictures.

    Your pictures are great!

  5. Looks delightful! Why doesn’t Kansas have this?

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