The condo on the third floor has been empty for MONTHS. 7 months to be exact. I liked it that way. More parking spaces. LESS CRYING. Not following? They have two vehicles that they don’t drive. Yup, you’ve got it. They took the BEST parking spaces and then STORED their car and motorcycle there for OVER A WEEK. Hello, there is a system, we all take turns with the best spots!

I ALSO noticed mothers dropping children off in the morning and suspiciously get picked up in the evening. Hmmmmmmmmm. Gooner and I, in our AWESOME Colorado weather, are enjoying having the windows open to enjoy the cool breeze. We do NOT enjoy the excessive crying, whining, and wailing coming from the third floor. Twice a day the herd of buffaloes coming crashing down the stairs while one woman drags a stroller and some children down the steps.

I suspected day care. And I was right. I spoke to a woman dropping off her three month old baby and asked kindly if she’d “just moved in?” She laughed and said, “No, just come here for DAY CARE!”

Seriously? All the wails, screams, shouts and whines are going to CONTINUE???? The motorcycle that never moves from the FIRST SPOT is NEVER GOING TO MOVE?ย  This annoys me to no end!!!! I know I should do the neighborly thing and bake something yummy and then drop them off and tell her that if she ever needs ANYTHING to come on down. BUT, every time I’ve seen her she is dragging some kid around looking frazzeled. Based on looks, I would say that the kids she is dragging are her own and that she just has less patience for them since they aren’t “paying customers.”

Now, what to do… My kid throws fits too. She on occasion wakes up super early and cries and most likely annoys our neighbor above. I get that noise happens. But day care? Really? In a condo? I don’t begrudge a stay at home Mom watching a couple kids but SERIOUSLY!? I’m having a hard time listening to the wailing, and the whining, and the screaming…all day long.

Rant over. For now.

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16 thoughts on “Neighbors

  1. Clarissa

    Day care on the 3rd floor?! Ugh. That sounds unpleasant for everyone involved. I dislike that since we don’t air condition our home and love open windows, we hear everyone else’s business. I can’t imagine if a DAY CARE moved in next to or below us.

  2. Oh boy. Is that against the rules of the homeowners association? I know in our condos and even neighborhoods you had to get approval in order to do that–and they NEVER gave anyone approval…. I would make it a point to complain often-I bet management doesn’t know what’s going on there. That is really very uncool.

    Hope you get some peace soon!

  3. Katie

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that should NOT be allowed. I would definitely check on it.

    Our upstairs neighbor is apparently on break (factory work) and it’s his part-time son’s summer vacation, so he has been above us a lot more recently. That kid runs back and forth all damn day, and the dad blares the TV all night long. The combination? Sucks!

    I hope it gets better!

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! And school out for summer means there are a MILLION kids at the pool and skate boarding and all kinds of crazy noises! Hopefully the kid leaves soon and you can get some peace!

  4. Super suck!! I wouldn’t even dare think about living in an apartment for my upcoming massage therapy business, and those clients are quiet! Let alone a day care. So sorry, La!!

  5. Is that legal??

  6. I often feel sorry for our neighbors down the street because every once in a while someone has a fit while we’re outside. I can’t imagine a daycare in a condo. I’m with everyone else and would think that it’s against the rules of the condo association.

  7. that sounds like no fun! id say something to your property manager just to check if it is legal or what they can do to help you not hear all the noise. um yep your new neighbors sound way worse than mine with a new even more annoying yappy dog. bummer.
    oh and your fabulous. love you

  8. Oh man…that sounds extremely frustrating! Perhaps the condo association can do something about that?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry I kept you up at night with cake cravings ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I agree with the others. If it’s not against HOA, then it may be a problem that she’s running an unlicensed daycare. I would see what you can do!

  10. Oh YIKES. I am terrible at dealing with noisy neighbors, so I have no advice. Just oodles of sympathy.

  11. Oh boy, that’s a tough one.

    Now, I totally get it. Extra money (or any money!) is a good thing to many families — but a daycare in a 3rd floor condo complex? Not ok. I’m curious to know your HOA rules, too.

    Oh boy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  12. Move quick! Ugh. How annoying. Especially since you are home during the day! I’m the complaining type, so I’d say something. Sorry and good luck with that situation.

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