I totally watched the Miss America pageant last night. Did you? I would have made Gooner watch it with me if she wasn’t already sleeping. My sister and I used to watch Miss America and Miss Universe RELIGIOUSLY. We loved it. Deep in our childlike hearts we KNEW that one day we’d be pretty like those girls. The dresses were SO PRETTY. I thought the swim suit part was BORING because who wears high heals with a bathing suit? Not us, we wore jellies! My favorite was the Miss Universe pageant because of the various native costumes and translators. My Mom was there too, in the back ground, I’m pretty certain laughing at us. In the sweet Mom way that I do when Gooner does something HILARIOUS.

ANYWAY, when I was younger I don’t remember fake breasts. I don’t. I DO remember doing research and finding out that some contestants had ribs removed in order to make their waists appear smaller. But last night, LAST NIGHT, I felt like there was a LOT of fakeness. I DID like California because she mentioned that she really liked history, particularly the Tudors! Tres interesting! How can one NOT be interested in the Boleyns and Anne of Cleves? Anyway, she appears to have a brain. I like that in a person…

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10 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. I hardly ever watch it, but seriously, fake boobs are everywhere it seems. I can’t believe that about the rib removal! Goodness gracious! I do have to say that when I do watch it, Miss Universe is very neat. I love the native costumes, too!

  2. I used to tape beauty pageants when I was younger. Haha. I haven’t watched in years because I thought the girls were too fake too!

  3. I hear ya. I’m so disgusted by the fakeness and insincerity of it all, that it is not viewed or even talked about in my house, because I don’t want my kids to mistake that for real beauty ever. It’s sad really, that it has come to that.

    • You raise your girls “awesomely” so I don’t think they would EVER mistake that for real beauty. I never did, it was all in fun.

  4. I never know when Miss America is on! Is it still going on or just a one night event?

  5. Those shows always depress me… for multiple reasons!

    My favorite sentence in this post: “How can one NOT be interested in the Boelyns and Anne of Cleves?” Hehe, love it.

  6. I have always loved those pageants. And I too like that she was interested in history! It’s always nice when they differentiate themselves from all the bubble heads.

  7. I love those pageants but this year only caught the last 10 minutes and totally called Ms. California winning just by her dress. 😉 Glad to hear she has a brain…that is always a good thing in a person 🙂 love you sweet friend

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