Neighbors: The Follow Up

~There is no longer a daycare on the third floor.

~I’m thrilled, but I also kinda feel bad.

~I finally met the couple and they were “nice.” This translates into: The jury is still out.

~We have two parks within walking distance and she was complaining about one of them. I don’t get that. We have TWO parks, and a pool, and a trail! How can you be bored? For example Gooner and I WALK to the park and that is HALF the fun. We walk in the grass, and look at flowers, and play in the water and… Really, it’s endless….and we walk and play EVERY day. I offered for us all to walk to the park and she gave me a LOOK. She will be driving… Um, ok.?

~They have two children. Two boys. Both surprises conceived on birth control.

~I’ve had the sliding glass door open, and have been VERY excited about the lack of children screaming.

~I’m watching our neighbor’s cat – a different neighbor than the one listed above. While outside watering her flowers, I noticed there were flies, HUGE flies all over her porch. And then Gooner and I noticed the DEAD baby bird lying on her porch. Apparently it had fallen out of the nest. Gross. Why did the bird have to die on my watch?

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9 thoughts on “Neighbors: The Follow Up

  1. I think there are too many parents that forget that getting there is half of the adventure. I’d love to have a nice park within walking distance.
    Sorry about the bird!!

  2. HOORAY for no more daycare upstairs! Lucky you having so much cool stuff to do nearby! They keep talking about putting a park in near us, that would be so cool. Walking to the park is my very favorite part… once I’m there then I have to either sit and wait, or walk around and around and around the playstructure like a crazy person to keep burning calories while my kids play.

    I love all this about your neighbor. I’m guessing poorly behaved children, and addicted to electronics. Am I right? Am I? Haha!

    If you get rid of that baby bird, she’ll probably never even notice. πŸ™‚

    • From what I saw of the kids in the pool they were well behaved, BUT they left their 9 month old in a hiking back pack and the rest of them jumped in the pool! Seriously? When I’ve seen them OTHER times, it is ridiculous how much the eldest throws fits!

  3. YAY to no more daycare πŸ™‚ i am sure it makes the days at home much more enjoyable. and seriously who, with children, would complain about a park? ugh. that is annoying. we have 3 parks all within walking distance of our house, and although 1 i prefer much more to the other ones I wouldn’t complain about them…well except the 1 that is never mowed so it’s like there is a swingset in the middle of a wheatfield, fitting for us i know ;), but still I would take LB there if the other two were full. Some people. Maybe you will win her over with your charm and cutey gooner πŸ™‚

  4. Lori

    LOL…this post just cracked me up…had to comment!

  5. What a relief! We moved into a new place recently and there is a young child, probably no older than 4-5 months, next door. The crying hasn’t bugged me much yet but the boyfriend has a different opinion. Can’t wait until they grow up a bit!

  6. Your neighbor sounds a little odd. I think if I had two little boys, I’d want them to work off as much energy as possible!

  7. At least there is no more day care! And who doesn’t like going to the park?! EEWWWW, a dead bird! I sure hope they clean that up!

  8. That’s so great!! I’m glad you don’t have to deal with a daycare anymore. That would have been the pits.

    1. My life really isn’t fabulous. It’s probably more stressful then it looks. I just want to sleep for a week straight sometimes. We have a hard time saying no to anything. I figured I could do that before the kiddos come along. πŸ™‚

    2. They did sign a contract so we don’t know who won or how long they stayed. She can only tell us what they tell her she can before the program airs. Once it airs then she can tell us all the details.

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