Stay At Home Mom: The Myth

Q and I have one car. He works and I stay home with Gooner. If I want the car, Gooner and I drop him off at the light rail, and if we don’t….he drives to work. Not a big deal. Frankly I am SICK of the comments people are making.

“Oh, you must be going crazy!”

“Do you like want the car like every day?”

“What do you do all day?”

“I could NEVER do that.”

All this to say, I am not crazy and I am not going crazy. Honestly having one car isn’t a big deal. Instead of spending time driving around doing things, Gooner and I spend a lot of time together. I love it! There are times where I wish I had a car at my disposal, but really it’s ok. For example we take bike rides together to rivers!

And play in the mud.

And run on bridges.

And just BE together.

We don’t need a car to make memories.

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15 thoughts on “Stay At Home Mom: The Myth

  1. Amen! Ryan & I only had one car for 3 1/2 years and people were always commenting on it. It really wasn’t a big deal and worked out really well for us. We worked at the same place and did the same things. We didn’t need a second car at the time.

    You go girl!

  2. You’re a great Mama! Making REAL memories with Gooner is what matters! We only had one vehicle, until we moved to Omaha-just over 3 years ago. I would take Joel to work if I needed the car…it wasn’t that big of a deal. I did have a friend in Lincoln that would come by and pick up P and I sometimes and we’d go out to have a “field trip”…that was fun. A second vehicle is a luxury…definitely not a necessity! šŸ™‚

  3. I know moms that feel like they have to go somewhere every single day. Either a playdate, a park,the library or the mall. We have lots of stay at home days and those are often our best days. We have more time to just be together and do whatever. I think there are lots of people that are afraid to be alone or be alone with their kids. There are so many ways to make memories with your children. With or without a car.

  4. We did the one car thing for a while and you just make it work. I know it saved us so much money in the long run. More than just insurance, car payments, and gas. Enjoy your time with Gooner!

  5. Love your last sentence La!

  6. People are rude! We have two cars, but mine sits in the garage a lot of times. We stay home a lot and play outside together or stay in our local community. I can’t imagine go, go, going with little ones all the time.

  7. naomigrebe

    I love your attitude about this. I’ve actually thought about this a lot. I think it would be somewhat easy to get used to only having one car. I’ve come to the conclusion that it would annoy me one out of every five days, ha! We live up high on a hill, literally the only thing we can walk to is a wheatfield on a 50MPH rd with no sidewalks around here, there aren’t even any parks. So, I do appreciate my vehicle for the chance to explore more places/get groceries, etc. But I think we could rearrange life fairly easily if we had to live without it. I’m a homebody. šŸ™‚

  8. Cute picture of you two! We have 2 cars but often I don’t use the one here…we walk to the park most days or have playdates here or at the park. W and I have even talked about going down to one car if gas prices go back up because really I don’t need it. People are so bold and quick to judge. Would be funny to see those same people in DC and howd they get along with the metro;)

    • I’m glad that I never judge… šŸ˜‰ I think eventually we will get another car. Especially since ours is a two door and THAT gets annoying.

  9. That picture of you and your daughter is SO CUTE.

    Do the people who make those comments live in LA or something? I guess I’m spoiled though, because I live in a suburb where lots of things are within walking distance.

  10. I totally agree with that! Sometimes it’s nice to have a car for convenience, but you don’t need a car to have fun together!

    My husband and I only have one car and hope to do our best to only have one car once we have kids. We both prefer to take transit or bike/walk to work anyways!

  11. Errign

    People can be so rude, if you’re doing something that they personally wouldn’t want to do, huh? Looks like you and Gooner have a great time together šŸ™‚

  12. Jessica

    We had one car for a very long time and it never really bothered me to stay at home. We live in the city so the kids and I took walks, went to the park, and just hung out. Once the hubby started driving so far for work so much and the kids are older and into EVERYTHING, we need 2 so they aren’t deprived of their sports, friends, etc.

    • Agreed. I see how when they get older it totally makes sense. It even makes sense when they are small! Yesterday I had to run ALL my errands in one day since I had the car and we were both exhausted!

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