Love Me Some Sugar!

Gooner had her two year appointment a little late… Anyway, she’s a bit underweight; in the 10th percentile if you will. The doctor asked me if Gooner got any sugar because I “look like a parent that doesn’t allow sugar in your home.” Um , what? I mean I didn’t look like THIS:

at the appointment. Don’t all people, pregnant or not, LOVE Brussels Sprouts? Apparently I have that “look” about me. Which I don’t understand because I’ve been dreaming about my Birthday Cheesecake from the cheesecake factory for MONTHS. Apparently my child isn’t getting enough sugar with her one cookie a week and chocolate in her oats EVERY DAY!?

We also had a “discussion” about cows milk. We don’t drink cows milk and neither does Gooner. I DO bake with milk on occasion, but normally use almont/coconut milk. The doc was NOT happy with my decision, but FINALLY let it go when I told her that Gooner DOES get a supplement. For the love. And she was appalled that Gooner didn’t get TWO 8 oz. glasses of fortified orange juice PER DAY. Um what? I limit Gooner to ONE glass of watered down juice per day. PER DAY!

Ultimately, she’s not worried about Gooner’s smallness, which is good, because neither am I!

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33 thoughts on “Love Me Some Sugar!

  1. Just remember that everyone has an opinion! Brush it off 🙂

    I just switched to wordpress… how in the world do you know how many subscribers you have? I’m puzzled.

  2. Clarissa

    What? I’ve never heard of a doctor demanding that you feed your child so much sugar. 16 oz of juice a day?! Most docs are telling us to cut the sugar out, for good reason. Also, I didn’t drink cows’ milk, except at school occasionally at any point in my life. I’ve managed to turn out pudgy, and I don’t have osteoporosis. I’m pretty sure Gooner’s gonna make it. Love you!

  3. Wow, that was quite the appointment. Really 16oz of juice?!?!

  4. Aren’t there healthier ways to gain weight than sugar? I’m sure she’s just fine and will follow her own little path up the chart.

  5. I have NEVER heard of a dr. saying 16 ounces of juice per day! Ellie gets 4-8 ounces of juice a day and I add water. I definitely wouldn’t want my children gaining weight from extra sugary treats.
    And we LOVE brussel sprouts…especially roasted ones!

  6. You ‘look like’?? That is too strange.

    • I mean I used to say that at Starbucks…You look like a Caramel Soy Latte, ya know, but SERIOUSLY, I would never tell someone they look like “soy.”

  7. I honestly don’t think I have ever cooked Brussel sprouts before! Wow…that is a LOT of orange juice, lol!

    • What what what? You better try them? The easiest thing to do is to buy a steamable bag that already has butter in it. They are tasty and you can get a feeling for how they SHOULD feel when you cook them yourself. So good!

  8. M

    We LOVE brussel sprouts made your way. We grilled cabbage yesterday. That was good too.


  9. This post title totally got my attention. Ha!

    Wowza! Sounds like you are doing great with feeding Gooner in my opinion. 🙂

  10. oh girl, you’re so cute!!!

    my doc must be awesome because he thinks it’s great that i give my kids soy milk. haha.

    but i also give them m and m’s. he doesn’t know about that part, though. ; )

  11. Lori

    My kids are lucky if they get juice at all…I like milk and water…and occasionally, flavored water. Then, if I’m feeling really naughty, they get apple juice. That’s about the only flavor I can get them to drink. It’s not because I haven’t tried, they just don’t like it much.
    Gooner looks like a sweet little bundle…my kids are both on the petite side too 🙂
    And the picture CRACKS me up.

  12. Just give her a venti mocha frappucinno with extra whip blended in hold the coffee and add caramel wait extra caramel like line the cup and then my straw and a bunch more on top. oh and add some of those chocolate chips to it also. wait why you charging me extra. everyone else rings it up as a coffee frappucinno. its for my kid. i cant spend 5 dollars on it. dont you see my kid neeeeeds this drink. hahaha. ok just playing back some of our awful parent customers. maybe if you tried that one with gooner she would be in perfect shape 😉 btw I DO love me some brussel sprouts. for real.

  13. Yum!! Roasted Brussel Sprouts are SO good.

    Shame on that doctor!! Recommending JUICE and more sugar?! Wow.

  14. Wow – TWO glasses of juice for a 2 year old? That’s nuts! I cannot believe the doctor was recommending more sugar…as if that would help her grow in a healthy way?!?! Awful.

    But man, I love me some brussel sprouts!

    And the cow’s milk thing – who cares? She’s healthy and happy – it bothers me how important milk drinking has become.

    • She was SO CONCERNED about vitamin D. I feel like EVERYTHING has become a big deal. And I don’t want to be THAT Mom that switches pediatricians because of “issues.” But seriously.

  15. Our pediatrician says toddlers/young children should have 6 ounces of 100% juice AT MOST per day. My girls consider it a treat to get it once a week because we try to offer fruit naturally. Dentists don’t like it because it rots their teeth!

    And about the milk, pretty sure mine LIVE on milk. They LOVE milk just like their momma! BUT everyone is entitled to their own opinion/dislikes.

  16. I wouldn’t worry, either! I’ve definitely decided that all kids grow at their OWN growth curve! 🙂 Great photo of you! Love it!!

  17. Hah! I would so take that as a compliment!

    And I’m shocked at the juice. Isaac gets juice like once a week, if that, let alone 2 glasses a day!

  18. Errign

    Whoa – that doc sounds a little nutty – I don’t know many adults that should be drinking 16 oz of oj a day!

    • I was talking to another Mom in the community and she told me that no one sees “that” dr. because she’s a little strange. hmmmmm.

  19. Uh. SUGAR? Really? That’s what your doctor recommended? That strikes me as SO WEIRD. What about protein and fat?

    Also, holy judgmental on calling you out as someone who “looks like she doesn’t allow sugar in her home.” I get that some people’s dietary choices can have a negative effect on a growing child, but I just can’t imagine that lack of sugar would be one of those negatives!

    Okay, clearly you are fine about this and it probably wasn’t that big a deal. But I am finding myself baffled.

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