Lair O’ The Bear

Our trail was sadly VERY easy….even for a pregnant lady. The was the ONLY trail with elevation gain. We like elevation.

The mountain behind Q and Gooner is where we climbed. At least there was water.

Lots of water!

The water was refreshing!

We found a rock and got our family photo!

We also CLEARLY did the Creek Side Trail.

Saw some wild life!

And enjoyed the wild flowers.

It was a fun hike indeed!

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9 thoughts on “Lair O’ The Bear

  1. Great family photo! Looks like a lovely hike.

  2. Fun, fun! What are those animals? Deer? I can’t tell! 🙂

  3. what a lovely trail to hike through! love the picture of gooner with the flower…she is so sweet! oh and you look great! 🙂

  4. We went on a wonderful hike several years ago in the NC mountains. The trail went down in a valley and there was a big creek that was completely hidden from above by thick trees. Neither of us can remember exactly where it was, but it was great..

  5. hiking is one of my favorite things ever. i love the outdoors and the mountains. so glad you got to enjoy it even though it wasn’t tough enough! ; ) you look great… you are going to be one in shape preggy lady!

  6. Errign

    Such a cute little family. I love how active you guys are!

  7. What fun with the fam!

  8. I love that you document your fun family hikes.

  9. Love your hiking posts! That looks like so much fun!

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