The Colorado Capitol: Part II

Since Q works in politics, he gave me a personal tour inside the Colorado Capitol. We started with the House Chambers. It was dark. I fell down the stairs. I’m REALLY cool you guys. I’m sure the guys watching security footage laughed hilariously. Oh, and I pulled Gooner down with me and scraped my leg.

You aren’t allowed to cross this rope. You have to be an elected official in order to do that. I wanted to cross it. Badly. State law says you can’t though. It’s good Q told me that, or I would have.

The dome. It’s gold. And beautiful. Did you know that the dome at the Colorado State Capitol is one of only11 domes across the nation truly made out of gold? Can you guess what the other states are? Also did you know that the Colorado State Capitol resembles the basic design of our nation’s Capitol in Washington D.C.?

Next time, we will complete the tour by visiting the dome and the vast underground labyrinth. We are almost back from Texas and “normal” posts will resume next week.

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15 thoughts on “The Colorado Capitol: Part II

  1. So fun. Sorry you fell down the stairs! Not only did you take gooner on a ride but you also took that little munchkin inside you on one too. I bet the security footage was pretty great!

  2. very fun…not the falling down part though :/

    didn’t know Q worked in politics! awesome!

  3. See, I totally would’ve crossed the rope! But this is probably why I am such a difficult person! 🙂

    I fall all the time, I am so uncoordinated and get bruises that I don’t know where they came from!

  4. I would have wanted to cross the rope too!!
    I fall. A lot. Glad you didn’t get hurt.

  5. Clarissa

    Iowa’s capitol dome is made of gold, too! I’m enjoying this field trip to my state’s legislative center. I would love to go in person sometime.

  6. Cool! Bummer about the fall. Ouch! Yeah, that rope would have just driven me crazy. 🙂

    WA has the fourth tallest mason dome in the world after St. Peters/Rome, St. Pauls/London and St. Isaacs/St. Petersburg, and the tallest one in the US. Pretty sure we have no gold. 🙂

  7. I might have just slid my toe a tiny bit under the rope. There is something about being told you can’t do something that is just staring you in the face that makes you want to push the boundaries! It’s been ages since I’ve been to Denver, but I did like the gold dome…I took at least a dozen picture of it.

    • Q. said if you are a staffer you can put your entire foot over. How fair is that??? THANKFULLY he didn’t do that in front of me or we would have had a spousal fight. 😉 And it TOTALLY would have been worth fighting over…

  8. Errign

    Eeek about the falling down part, but I think NH has a gold capitol too!

  9. i would’ve died. so cool. since my degree is poli sci, i certainly would’ve been somewhat starstruck. i’m a political junkie. : )

  10. Haha! I so would have wanted to cross the rope too…;-) What a beautiful capitol! PS. I hope you’re okay from the fall!!

  11. Love the funs facts and photos!

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