Pregnancy and Workout…

As we all know, my first trimester was not a dream. I TRIED to workout and generally got in 3 to 4 workouts a week. I continued with Turbo Fire and every time Chalean would say, “Did you give me everything?” I laughed out loud in true LOL fashion. Give it my all? She was lucky I wasn’t on the couch or in the bathroom. I felt sluggish and annoyed that I already felt “pregnant.” I’m not one to bask in the glory of this amazing experience. I’d already started lamenting that EVERYTHING would be harder in regards to eating and working out. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the miracle of this child, and I LOVE being able to breast feed BUT that doesn’t make this whole experience full of roses. Well maybe it does because roses have thorns, and so does pregnancy. ANYWAY…

So glad to be working out 5 to 6 days a week again. I’m feeling the second trimester fabulousness. I have a belly but it isn’t so big that it gets in the way yet. AND for the most part I have energy to burn. I’ve been doing Turbo Fire 3 days a week and The Butt Bible 3 days a week. But TOMORROW we will go hiking and that will replace the all painful Butt Bible.

Hiking and camping is SO MUCH FUN! For my birthday we are planning a camping trip and will hike our first 14er as a couple. I’m stoked!!! Would you choose to go camping on your birthday?

And oh my goodness, boy is totally winning on the poll! I’m so excited to find out soon!

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17 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Workout…

  1. butt bible just sounds painful. i am not doing any videos as of late just training for my 5k. but i did fire W as my running partner for now bc he was running laps around me. i told him he could regain his status in a few weeks when i am up to speed 😉 i need to see more pictures of your cute belly and self.
    i dont think i would choose hiking for my birthday but W totally would. I would instead do a spa day or something super girly bc lets face it thats who i am 🙂
    love you!

    • I don’t think I let Q run with me for like two years into our relationship. 🙂 I was too afraid he’d smoke me and I’d get annoyed and then just stop. Oh dear, what if we hike and then go to the spa? Would you do it with me ??? 😉

  2. I’ve never heard of the Butt Bible. I will have to check it out. I can’t believe how much you were still working out in the first trimester! You go girl. Sounds like you are still workin’ it. 😉

    • I have this HUGE fear of gaining lots of weight this pregnancy!!! It was so hard for me to lose it so I am trying to be REALLY good.

  3. Yes, I love camping!! LOOOOVE. That’s we we did for our actual anniversary. Now I’m begging to go soon. 😉

  4. Yes I would choose to go camping for my birthday and I DID this year. It was the GREATEST time. I love camping, especially with family. 😉

  5. Butt Bible? That sounds interesting! I have all of those “Chalene-isms” in my head all day after a TurboFire workout. Good for you keeping so active during pregnancy. It’s hard but it’s totally worth it 🙂

    • The Butt Bible is good BUT if you follow her program your workout is like 20 minutes a day. Um no.? I’m not even sure that covers a donut IF I wanted one. 😉 So I have to do TWO workouts and it’s PERFECT!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I couldn’t help but notice you are Arsenal fans. My husband and son are BIG soccer fans, though our family team is Mexico. 🙂

    Saw the post about your daughter sniffing the shin guards…too funny (and disgusting). It sounds like something the guys would be doing in our house. LOL

    Good luck on your pregnancy!

    • Lol, of course you couldn’t help! If you are still reading by the time this baby comes you will notice that its FIRST outfit is an Arsenal jersey. 🙂 Oh gross gross shin guards!!!!

  7. Lori

    Sure! Camping is something we really enjoy and we’re just now getting into hiking…gonna do it as a family thing. Get some quality time in!

  8. Clarissa

    Hooray! Glad you’re feeling better again!

  9. Katie

    So.weird. I realized you were on my blog list and I hadn’t read your blog in a while. Then I thought “hey, I wonder if she got pregnant yet”. And – you are . . . CONGRATS!!

    Now if only I was right about other things, like how to find money and a good job. Then life would be much easier.

    • Dude I wish you left your link!!! Send it send it. Cause I went to what I THOUGHT was your blog…and it wasn’t. Major boo. Thanks! Woot 17 weeks!

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