Iowa Pt. 1: The Farm

When my sister and I were young we played at my uncle’s farm in Iowa EVERY YEAR. One thing about the farm…everybody helps out including those who are 2.

Yummmmmmmmmm, fresh sweet corn. Well, it’s yum AFTER it is cooked.

The humidity was like a thousand %, but much fun was had by the cousins. Not really Gooner’s cousins, but my cousin’s kids. So whatever that makes them, to me it just means family.

Gooner was VERY excited about this ridiculous blue plastic fork. For the love… gross…get it out of your mouth! This was the best we could get with all the kids though…

She looks thrilled…right? I mean, all these kids were SO WILD! She did a lot of watching. It was good for her. She’s a good kid. I was proud.

Eating on this vacation was really hard for me. My lack of gall bladder, mixed with morning sickness, mixed with facing unhealthy andΒ fatty food caused this Mama a few days of miserableness. I only gained 3 ounces at my last appt. and that INCLUDES two weeks of vacation. I’m not complaining though, I’m just surprised.

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10 thoughts on “Iowa Pt. 1: The Farm

  1. Cute pic of the kids! Fresh corn is the best πŸ™‚ Hope you are feeling better!

  2. We LOVE fresh corn!!! Hope your belly feels better soon.

  3. mmm… i love how everyone pitches in. we have that 1000% humidity here too. ugh.

    girl, you don’t need to be so concerned with your weight gain (to the ounce!). you are pregnant and better gain weight. with all that said, i know how hard it is to eat fatty stuff without a gall bladder. i hope you’re all back to normal!

  4. the blue fork, ha. kids and the things they decide to carry around πŸ˜‰ love sweet corn. LB even loves to eat it straight before cooking. weird. so sad i didnt see you when you came through. my heart hurts a little. but i think im over it πŸ˜‰ okay im over it. love you

  5. Clarissa

    Wow, lots of corn! That brought back memories. πŸ™‚ I don’t miss the humidity in Iowa at all, either. Yuck!

  6. Love Gooner’s bathing suit! Too cute. I remember shucking corn as a wee one too. Fun memories. πŸ™‚

  7. EEEeewww to 1000% humidity. Gooner is so cute! Some of my earliest memories involving shucking corn. Yum!

  8. Errign

    Gross to the humidity bit! I can’t wait to get back home tonight to escape the humidity for a hot minute.

  9. Lori

    Cranberry juice is DISGUSTING! Just sayin πŸ™‚

    Shuckin’ corn! What fun family memories…cousins are great too – lotsa memories with my cousins back in the day. They’re the first real friends I had…Gooner is precious by the way πŸ™‚

  10. Loving that pic of Gooner and the corn on the cob. Cuteness abounds!

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