Iowa Part II: The Amish

Shocks: I’d heard and read about shocks but never seen them IRL! They are most likely oats.

Yep, we were in Amish country.

The barns. The buggies. All those romance books made it seem so romantic!

Until I thought about all the work… I wish I had a clothesline like these ladies!

This is the phone booth kept far away from anything lest you fall into the English ways. It’s used only for emergencies!

Do you see that little buggy led by a pony? Auction time!

The gardens were so impressive! Imagine all we could get done with no internet or TV…

Oh Iowa. This trip feels like so long ago. I’m 18 weeks pregnant and the days and weeks are just flying by! My appetite is supposed to increase, but it hasn’t. I have a craving and then when I get it, it appears yucky. The baby is moving more, and I’m enjoying this life inside me.

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9 thoughts on “Iowa Part II: The Amish

  1. I love the Pennsylvania Amish country. I know they work very hard, but something about it is romantic!

    I can’t believe you are 18 weeks already.

  2. So fun! I remember visiting an Amish community up in Pennsylvania when I was little. It’s so interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Clarissa

    I don’t think Amish life is romantic. I’m with you–so much work! Also, I don’t like to smell bad…and the men, especially, are pretty odorous. Still, they do have pretty homes and farms and gardens! All those yummy veggies!

  4. So great to run into your in blog world! I loved the pictures you shared. I visited PA when I was about 12 and living in DC. I still remember the beauty and orderliness of it all.

  5. Errign

    I’ve never been to Amish country, though I think I’ve driven through it in Pennsylvania, perhaps?

  6. Faye Neal

    Could you e-mail your mailing address, please?

  7. Cool! I’d love to see Amish country, never have before. I’m not under any illusions of it being romantic. I tend to think it’s kind of weird, actually. I’m not a fan of prideful piousness, if that makes any sense at all. However, that’s just my “from-afar” impression of it, I could be all wrong. I hope to someday have some furniture and quilts from Amish country, that’s for sure! 🙂 I’m loving reading about your Iowa trip!

  8. How fun! I love the Amish. Gives me such an appreciation for the life we have but makes me wonder how much closer we would be to God if we didn’t have all the things we are accustomed too.
    Give me a bump shot 🙂

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