The Hike

Our Mountain: Mt. Bierstadt

Gooner was totally thrilled to wake up at the butt crack of dawn. Seriously.

Obligatory September water crossing!

And we continued on, and on, and on…

It really did feel like forever! We let Gooner hike about 2 miles where it wasn’t steep.

You THINK you get to the top and then you realize you have over a hundred feet of scrambling! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

We DID reach the summit!

Um, OF COURSE we would make out on the mountain! Why wouldn’t we????

The views were beautiful! BUT, Gooner was nervous with the heights!

She was glad it was over too!

Oh, it was cold on the way up. This ice was slippery!

The best wildlife! They were so pretty!

It was an awesome hike, but by far my least favorite 14er. Maybe it was because it was a million times harder since I was pregnant. Maybe it was because I forgot sunscreen and burned my face off. Maybe it was because I wasn’t as in good a shape as previous 14ers. I don’t know. Hiking with Q is a lot of fun though. He went slow for me. Nothing like your belly getting in your way to make hiking harder!

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10 thoughts on “The Hike

  1. Wowza, that looks like a beautiful view!!! Love the pictures. 🙂

  2. beautiful! and way to go mama on hiking it! you are a rockstar

  3. The view is breath taking!!

  4. Lori

    You guys are too cute! That’s what I want our little family to start doing! How fun!

  5. Errign

    Awesome hike, and seriously, Gooner is the cutest kid in the blogland 🙂

  6. how pretty is this!!! you get major kudos for hiking 14 miles while pregnant. that is some tough stuff!!!

  7. I have only seen places like that in pictures! Love all your family pictures and good for you on hiking like that! Wow!

  8. I can’t believe Gooner went two miles! I don’t even think I could do that. 😉

  9. My least favorite 14er is Pikes Peak. It’s a great hike but once you reach the top, the smell of donuts and seeing cars everywhere just ruin that mountain top experience.

    • Yah, I can see how that would take away from the experience. The fact that you can drive to the top makes me think I’d rather do a different one!

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