The Glucose Test

I’m thinking of passing on the glucose test. Actually I’m pretty sure I’m NOT doing the test.

Go ahead…GASP!

But I think it is ridiculous. The stats are ridiculous. You know, I’m not worried about Sooner. I’m not worried about me. I’m worried about telling the DR! That in itself is ridiculous!

Clearly the test is unhealthy. And CLEARLY I’d do it IF I showed signs. But I don’t. So I won’t.

I feel like there is a lot of STUFF being talked about. A lot. I don’t know what is true and what isn’t true anymore in regards to hospitals, babies, labor, and delivery. These are common themes and there is zero middle ground. There are those who hate hospitals and will only give birth at a clinic. THEN, there are those like me who appreciate having a LIVE Mommy and baby since we had a traumatic labor, and wish to give birth in a hospital so baby can be saved if need be. Of course I’m not saying that all babies will die if you give birth at a clinic just saying that mine would have… Or could have.

So. With Obamacare – I’m not a fan – there are MAJOR changes in insurance. Have you noticed it yet in your state? WELL, Doctors are trying to squeeze every last cent out of those WITH insurance since they can’t deny ANYONE. So I’m afraid that I might be pushed into things that I don’t want to do when Sooner’s birthday arrives! (Labor post ready for later this week.) For example doctors make MORE money if you are put on pitocin, receive an epidural or have a c-section. And lalala.

With Gooner I took the test and I regret it.

Did you take the glucose test? Why?

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11 thoughts on “The Glucose Test

  1. I took the 1 hour test all 3 times. I actually considered refusing this time though.

    I think all of the things Drs do for money are ridiculous…and it’s even more ridiculous that so many women are uninformed for feel intimidated by their OB, so they don’t speak up about their own body. I will never let my OB talk me into being induced with pitocin or have an elective C section. Unless of course, it was medically necessary. I hope and pray every day that this baby comes on his own with no complications.

  2. I don’t have a clue about all the tests since I’ve yet to become pregnant – however I know all about the tests when you can’t get pregnant and I’m actually refusing a test right now. So, I get what you’re saying about them being pushy and making you take a test that you don’t think you need. But, I do have a question about the glucose test. Why do you regret taking it? I know what it tests, but not sure what the side effects are.

  3. I did the test…even though I clearly didn’t need it bc I am hypoglycemic but I took it because I’d rather know even if I was 100% sure I did I liked the assurance of a test.
    Obama-care is stupid.
    Hospital birth all the way. If I hadn’t done it I would have died and so would LB. I am not one for risking my child’s life or even my own. We had a birth plan and W knew what I would and wouldn’t allow so when I started getting all crazy and asking for every medicine under the sun he made me think it through and asked the questions for me and made me get up and move around BEFORE I took anything.
    I say if you know what you want going in and have a supportive man (which you totally do) there is nothing wrong with hospitals. But I am sure you didn’t need me to say that or need my opinion 😉 AND that is why I love you so.

  4. I took the test because it is expected. There are so many things that I change my mind on as time passes and the glucose test is one that I very well may refuse. I don’t like conflict and you know how crazy doctors can act. I do refuse or delay some vaccines for the kids and feel completely comfortable with my decision. We now have a great pediatrician that is very respectful of our decisions, although he likes vaccinations to be “on time”.
    I think home birth/birth center births are great, but they are definitely NOT for me. The bottom line is that Maggie would have died (and possibly me too) if I’d had to wait any longer than I did for a c-section. My vasa previa ruptured *during* her removal. I would NEVER have a birth outside of a hospital, but I respect that every woman makes their own decisions. Ellie’s delivery was not easy and passing out a couple of times because of blood loss would not have been fun had I been discharged from a birth center shortly after delivery.

  5. I took it and had GD with Martin. That’s why I took it with Matthew. I had zero of the risk factors, but once I started testing my glucose it was off the charts with my first baby. I know that I needed that test. I’m glad they did it. If not, I’m not sure what would have happened with Martin. Maybe nothing or maybe a large baby or maybe complications for me. I was diet controlled and can’t regret taking the test.

  6. I have never thought about this. (well obviously, I haven’t had a baby) But I agree with the glucose test. It seems totally unnecessary if you are not showing signs! I’d love to hear more of your opinions on pregnancy, labor and delivery. I’m sure one day I will need them. Ha!

  7. Lori

    Totally did it both times, because they said I needed to…that’s what I do a lot of times. Just “go with the flow”. But I’m beginning to wonder about all these vaccines my kids MUST GET…and they’re SO little. My babies being shot up with all sorts of crap…and it’s mandatory if they want to go to school.

    I didn’t know it was unhealthy. There have only been a few instances where I’ve “stood up” for myself medically…I guess MOST of us just trust too much.

    ??!!! I’m one of the ones that’s uninformed…and I ask questions, but they’re so quick to reassure me that everything is completely safe. I even ask, “Did your kids get this?” Hahaha…

    I dunno…:-(

  8. Clarissa

    Pardon my unfertilized ignorance, but I don’t know what this test is, but I’ll judge you anyway. Or not. I think the judging makes me most terrified of motherhood. People are so mean and annoying! I’m so excited to meet Sooner!!!!!!!

  9. I took it with all seven pregnancies that went that far. I never tested positive and didn’t have to go through the second round. Are you concerned about drinking the sugary stuff? Is there an alternative?

    For me, I had a lot of friends who were healthy, good weight and active who tested positive on both the 1 and 3 hour test. Undiagnoised diabetes in pregnancy is not good for mom or baby. Not saying you should have the test, but maybe there are some other measures the doctor can take. My friends all controlled their sugars with diet.

  10. Errign

    I’ve never been pregnant, so no weighing in re: glucose tests, but I do think a lot of things in health care CAN be unnecessary in certain situations, so it’s all about personal preferences and individual situations.

  11. LeAnna

    Reading through the comments, here. I remember a friend saying there was an alternative to the glucouse drink. A different test, perhaps? I’ll have to ask her what exactly it was she did…

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