Glucose – The Follow Up

First of all, your opinions on all things pregnancy are fabulous. You guys caused me to dig deeper. SO, I did more research – including talking to the medical profession –  that I’m going to share so that I can answer your questions, comments and statements with my opinion.Gooner With My Glucose Test

  1. The Glucose Tolerance Test. In my terms: you fast, then you drink a whole bunch of sugar and then an hour later they draw your blood and test it to see how your body clears the glucose from the blood. It is used to figure out if you have or could have diabetes. If gone untreated it is dangerous for Mom and Baby. This, in THEORY, makes sense. Not a big deal right? I mean, a whole row of Oreos eaten at one sitting has more sugar than the average glucose test and we have ALL done that right? Half of the glucose drink has 55 grams of sugar. One oreo has 4.5 grams of sugar, about one teaspoon. Do the math, that’s a lot of oreos. SO, to complete the glucose exam you need 110 grams of sugar…AFTER you have fasted.
  2. I know what it tests, but not sure what the side effects are. I already have low blood sugar AND have been sick most every day of this pregnancy. I am advised to fast for 12 to 14 hours and then have someone else drive me to my appointment since it isn’t safe. I will then FLOOD my system with sugar, er glorified kool aid. Taking the test is a HUGE hassle. I don’t feel well when I take it and I’m not convinced that the test is valid or accurate for anything. The bottle says possible side effects include fainting, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  3. Are you concerned about drinking the sugary stuff? Is there an alternative?It’s hard to drink that stuff, but we ALL survive. And it certainly isn’t because of the sugar, as I mentioned below, I’ve eaten half a pack of cookies and came out with merely an upset stomach. A medical professional said that in the PAST some patients were allowed to consume jelly beans or eat a meal. This has since been revoked by federal law. All women must take the test uniformly so that the results are standardized.
  4. Maybe there are some other measures the doctor can take. There are!!! They take a urine sample EVERY time I go in and test it for sugar! If there is sugar in the urine, they will let me know RIGHT AWAY and I will change my diet RIGHT AWAY. Also, did I fail to mention that I passed the glucose test with my first pregnancy, that there is no history of diabetes in my family, and that I live an active and healthy lifestyle? I don’t need the test.
  5. Why do you regret taking it? Because I didn’t need it. I didn’t show any of the signs or have any of the risk factors. A medical test should only be given if you NEED it.
  6. I liked the assurance of a test. I can see why some women would want to take the test even if they don’t have any of the risks. I believe telling a woman that her baby could be still born is a pretty good scare tactic. If you have risk, I think you should take it, if you don’t, then I don’t think you should have to. I think it should be YOUR informed choice.
  7. I know that I needed that test. I’m glad you took it. You need to do what is right for you and baby.
  8. I was diet controlled and can’t regret taking the test. I think we should all have healthy diets anyway, especially during pregnancy.
  9. I didn’t know it was unhealthy. Drinking that much sugar is never healthy. Taking unneeded tests is expensive! If you have risks though for GD then I DO think it’s worth a little extra sugar.SO, if YOU are reading this and I am responding to YOUR comment or question try not to be offended. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. I think we need to make INFORMED decisions. While researching this I found scientific studies that said that the glucose test is in fact out dated and doesn’t necessarily detect GD. There are also many false negatives and false positives from the test proving standards VERY difficult to set.
  10. My informed decision: I declined the glucose test at my appointment today.
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11 thoughts on “Glucose – The Follow Up

  1. I ate like normal when i took my test. oops. but my doc said i could eat like i normally do just only eat something light for breakfast that day like toast (w/out anything on it.) So I guess that is probably why I didn’t find the test bad. So yes. I did it for the assurance. but i also didn’t have to go through the fasting, if I had I may never do it again. And they also gave me the orange one. It really wasnt that sweet. But, in case you haven’t met me, I like things sweet 🙂

  2. i didn’t know you could decline! i would’ve. that stuff tastes BAD. although, i was allowed to eat. nothing like a full tummy and then packing it with loads of sugar.

  3. I’ve had to take that before. It tastes bad! I agree with you. There’s no reason to take it if you know you have been eating heathy and no family history. I too didn’t realize you could decline it.

  4. Good. for. you. I really appreciate this decision a lot. You didn’t do it stupidly, and to me, that makes all the difference. (Even if I hadn’t agreed with you, which I do.)

  5. Good for you, staying informed!! I love this post.

  6. Interesting! I need to book mark this post for when my “someday” comes along. 😀 Love the picture of Gooner!

  7. I admire that you researched it and then made a decision that fits within your family and feelings. We need to self-advocate for our own medical care, and question unneeded or extra tests before just accepting them.

  8. I love that you researched it, and made a decision based on your findings. 🙂 It seems so obvious that’s what people should do, but we all get so bullied by the health system currently in place… love that you fought the standard.

  9. Interesting… I’ve researched so much for this pregnancy about so many unnecessary tests, but it never even occured to me to reserach about the GD test. I “passed” it, but I never really felt a need to take it… and yet didn’t decline it. Hm. Good food for thought.

    • I know, it’s crazy! Sometimes they go to take my blood and I’m like what is this for??? I don’t want to argue, just be informed, ya know?

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