Random Thoughts…

…in no particular order.

  1. I only drink coffee on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Today is Tuesday and I think I drank a whole pot. The daughter woke up SCREAMING. Apparently in my pregnant state I just don’t move fast enough for her. Go figure.
  2. I started knitting Gooner her own scarf since she keeps stealing mine. I thought I had more time before we “shared” clothing items. Apparently not.
  3. I got sick THREE times with “morning sickness” yesterday. I know she’s worth it, but I’m getting to that “I can’t wait to be un pregnant stage.” I’m assuming that when painful labor starts I will retract this statement.
  4. My niece turned 8 years old. EIGHT? Um, I’m pretty sure she was just a baby yesterday…
  5. A lady at church asked me when my baby was due.Β  Apparently I passed the maybe stage and I look officially pregnant.
  6. Q’s Mom is officially coming for Thanksgiving! (So is his sister!) I’m a little nervous about hosting at 30 weeks pregnant. Will I be at the waddle stage? Blech!
  7. Soccer is still going strong.
  8. I wish Gooner didn’t like Dora the Explorer so much. I much prefer Super Why or Little Einstein.
  9. Why all the wedding pictures? Because ALL of our siblings and Q’s parents live in other countries. We see them about once every three years. I think we are due!
  10. What color is the skin on the Angel on top of the Christmas Tree? I figured the Angel would be brown since I’m the only one with white skin in the family. Q assumed our Angel would be white because…. I don’t know why. We found this out while window shopping in Estes Park. Maybe our mixed family will nix the Angel and have a Christmas star. What say you?
  11. That’s all folks. Dora the Explorer is almost finished which means I need to get this pregnant booty up an at em!
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20 thoughts on “Random Thoughts…

  1. So much going on! That’s so exciting that Q’s family will be coming to visit you guys. That will definitely be a special Thanksgiving even at 30 weeks. πŸ™‚

  2. I know what you mean about your niece because that’s how I feel about my life right now. My kids were never in daycare or preschool and this year they are all in school full time and it’s like “when did this happen? where did they all go?” Life goes so slow for the young’uns and at warp speed for us adults (except when we’re pregnant, then it goes back to slow).

    We have a star on top of our tree. But really angels are just people that have moved on right? So they should come in every color and ethnicity.

  3. Love you! LB just ate a piece of pencil if that you feel better about your day πŸ˜‰ miss you!!! and wish i could see that super cute preggo belly in person

  4. Our angel is brown skinned. I really like that picture of Q and his Mom. How great that you’ll get to spend the holiday with family…pregnant and all. ☺

  5. Why do people make “due” comments to pregnant women? Or any comments for that matter. The grocery store clerk asked me when I was due last night. I told her and she looked SHOCKED and said “With just one? No way that’s just ONE! You’re HUGE! Wow! Good luck with THAT!”

    I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly wanted to smack her. πŸ˜‰ Instead, I just said “thank you”. People are so irritating when pregnant.

    • I’m not sure, but it kinda makes me want to become a hermit. I DO think pregnant bellies are beautiful…even my own, HONESTLY, but sometimes I just hate the comments. I canNOT believe this lady said that to you! No way. And hormonal, I would have cried!

  6. I remember one time when I was obese and pregnant. Nobody could tell until I was almost due.

  7. LOVE these random posts! We don’t like Dora and since we don’t have cable the kids only watch PBS shows or dvds from the library. Maggie saw a Dora show at preschool and thought it was strange. Neither of my girls have ever watched Sponge Bob, but they get SUPER excited when they see him.
    I would have never thought about what color the Christmas tree angel would be! I think a star would be fine.
    Maggie & Ellie both adore my scarves! I have designated a few that they can wear, but some are just for me. I need to post some of the other things that they like to use scarves for.

  8. When I finally have my own Christmas tree again (I still have some mild anxiety issues about Christmas since my mom’s passing as it was her favorite holiday, though this might be the year now that Alex and I finally have our own place without roommates), I would totally do a star on top. We switched it up when I was a kid between a white angel and a star… maybe you could get a black angel and a white angel and have them keep each other company up there. πŸ™‚

  9. Errign

    Where do your families live? All over?

    Dora the Explorer makes me want to blow my brains out. I worked in a daycare for 6 years and saw a lot of that show. It’s been 3 years and I still know all the damn words.

  10. Adie

    I LOVE Christmas stars. Go with the star. Also after our toy baby conversation I am surprised you would contemplate the angel skin color. I am not a Dora fan myself. Speaking of thanksgiving please send me your sweet potato casserole. I have spent a considerable time lately thinking about it. ;). Mmmm. You will host a wonderful meal.

  11. Lori

    I dislike Dora too! I also dislike Spongebob and any of those weird lookin’ new age cartoons…we like scooby doo and little einsteins, mickey mouse…NORMAL cartoons πŸ˜‰
    HA! Never thought about the angel color… We have a Santa on top of ours, I don’t like it – we did have a star, but then bought a new tree and it’s so tall, we have to have something short. Ugh…I’m always on the lookout for a replacement.

  12. Haha, that’s cute she wants to “share” your scarf. πŸ˜‰ Those wedding pics are so sweet!

  13. Wow, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is less than 4 weeks ago! Yay that Q’s Mom gets to visit for the Holiday. Also, I LOVE the pic of you all at the soccer game!!!

  14. I meant to say 4 weeks *away* but you probably figured that out. πŸ˜‰

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