Fall Festival #1

Gooner was Cinderella.

Her Grandma made her dress and she LOVES it. She wore it ALL DAY LONG.  Taking it off to go to bed was a BIG deal. She was a princess this year and she KNEW it.

We stood in a FOREVER LONG line for a heart wand made out of balloons. She loved it so much that it popped before ever making it home.

Strangers kept asking me when I was due. I told them January and EVERY SINGLE person wanted the EXACT DAY. Um, why? Is it because they wanted to know how long I had left in this super huge body OR if they were merely curious OR…??? I don’t know, but I found it annoying. Besides those directly impacted do you need to know the exact day? Does not “the end of January” suffice? I think it should. You are a STRANGER. You do NOT need to know when a VERY important member of our family COULD join our lives…she will come when she is ready. I DO look pregnant… I get that.

Exact scenerio:

Stranger: You must be tired, being so pregnant – all these lines.
Me: Yep.
Stranger: When are you due?
Me: January
Stranger: Yah I know, but what day exactly?
Me: The end of January
Stranger: But what day? Because my sister is due the 27th.

CLEARLY I care STRANGER, about your pregnant sister due the 27th of January. I hope she is having a GREAT pregnancy, and has a great birth. That is the extent of my interest. I am pregnant, tired, and surrounded by sugar crazed children, PLEASE stop talking to me.

Fall Festival #2 was at the Mormon Church. Remember our neighbor to our left has been a Mormon since she was born and the guy to our right is a Mormon Priest…there is no way we wouldn’t receive an invitation to their Fall Festival. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Fall Festival #1

  1. M

    What a very special Grandma she must have!!! She’s too cute for words. So glad she likes her dress.

  2. Ha ha, I am Mormon & invited some neighbors to our Halloween party, we can be friendly/pushy huh? I was in charge of the cake walk and it got to be a little boring so I made it a dance party cake walk. It was the most popular room in the whole building.

    I love the Cinderella dress, and yes, I have waited in those crazy long lines for balloons too.

  3. Your Cinderella is precious! Ellie has enjoyed being Cinderella too.
    My favorite due date comment from a stranger is : Ooh, have it on the 12th because that’s my birthday. As if you care if it’s born on that person’s birthday or can control the arrival date.

  4. It amazes me how people like to be so nosey. I was told by my SIL that I couldn’t have A on such and such day, or such and such day because blah-blah-blah-blah (insert: my brothers ex girlfriend killed herself on this day, and my grandpa who dieds birthday is on this day….) and I just wanted to slap her. I mean, not really, but yeah, almost. And saaaaadly, in todays society, a due date is a cut-off date for the womb for a lot of people. I bet some don’t even know you can actually go past it. 😉

    Your Cinderella is a cutie pie, and you’re looking HAWT out in that hay maze. 😉

  5. Oh my gosh, this made me laugh out loud! I could write the same post about annoying people. I always say, “Thanksgiving” and EVERY SINGLE PERSON wants to know the exact day. Or they say something stupid about being in the hospital and missing the feast. Or a million other dumb, annoying things/comments….I’m so over it. My favorite is when they tell me I’m huge or suggest that maybe the Dr. missed the fact that I’m having twins because there is ‘no way that’s just one baby in there’. Gee, thanks stranger. 😉

  6. Little Gooner looks so cute in her gorgeous princess dress! I can’t believe her grandmother made that! Such talent.

  7. Oh goodness Gooner is so cute! Can’t wait to see the cuteness of Arsenal too 🙂 Some people just shouldn’t talk period. You should start saying March or something just to make them get all big eyed on you 😉
    I LOVE that picture of you girls in the hay-maze! So stinkin cute!

  8. People suck. I occasionally get asked when I’m due (never been pregnant, still not) and I love to shock them with “I’m just fat.” Bet they won’t ask anyone else that again. 🙂

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