Dog People

Gooner wants a dog…BADLY. She LOVES “puppies.” ALL dogs are puppies in her sweet mind.

Upon arriving at our humble abode there was a small rat dog, CLEARLY loved by his owner, hanging around our front door.

Gooner was in heaven. We played outside deciding what to do since the sweet dog had no tag… Q left for the grocery store and the “puppy” followed us inside our house. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was weird. The puppy was in dog heaven and so was Gooner. She thought she now owned a “puppy.” She grabbed my cell and called Daddy and told him, “I have a puppy! Dad my puppy!”

The owner got his dog back and Gooner was puppyless. It was sad. It doesn’t make sense for us to get a dog now, BUT I wish we could for Gooner. But she’s getting a sister which is better…RIGHT?

I don’t know about that. My sister has been known to say to my Mom, “Do something with her,” in regards to ME getting into her stuff when we were children.

Are you a dog person? Cat person? Fish person?

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8 thoughts on “Dog People

  1. I love dogs, we always had them growing up. I was the last of my sibling to get a dog because I didn’t want to deal with the mess but finally my brother gave me one of his chihuahua puppies and I am so in love.

    Big dogs= big mess. Little dogs= little mess. Brutus can be yappy around strangers but he is so great. The kids adore him and as far as pets go he is super easy. I would definitely recommend this breed for kids as long as the dog’s demeanor is pretty relaxed. (My brother saved us the most chill pup of the litter).

  2. We would love to have a dog for the kids, but now is not a good time for them to have that kind of responsibility and we are busy enough. I wanted the girls to have a pet they could pet so a hamster was a nice fit. I don’t mind doing what needs to be done to take care of Olivia, and she’s sweet.

  3. Clarissa

    My husband is a dog person. I am allergic to cats and not really a pet person. Someday I’m sure we’ll have a dog, though, and I plan to allow my husband to be its primary caregiver.

  4. We’re definitely dog people, but I love cats occasionally too. We always had atleast one dog when I was growing up!

  5. Jessica

    I’m the wrong person to talk to because I take in anything at all times. Right now we have a 90 lb. Rottweiler who is 3, a guinea pig, and a rabbit. I’m allergic to cats so that’s a no-no. We’ve had lots of fish for the kids, but they don’t usually long. We had a frog for about a year as well too. Welcome to my zoo! lol

  6. Cat person! lol. They are super easy to take care off and can leave for several days without having to board them. We’ve talked about getting a dog but have decided to wait until we have kids and they get a little bit older. That way they can appreciate a new puppy and also take on some responsibilities with it. Who the heck knows though. It will probably change. πŸ™‚

  7. I am a dog person 100%… my dogs are definitely my fur-children! I vote yes on the Gooner pup. πŸ™‚

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