This baby is zapping me DRY! And the ONLY way I can drink enough is by adding lemons and limes!

What do you do in the winter to keep hydrated!?

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10 thoughts on “H2O

  1. I just try to make sure water is always around me but I still forget! It’s tough.

  2. The Mommy

    When the weather gets cooler, I have the hardest time drinking plain water. Adding lemon helps me a lot. It’s hard to do.

  3. Like you, I can only drink so much plain water. I’ve been adding those sugar free flavor packets to my water for years (Target brand grape is my fav) and have recently started using those Mio liquid water enhancers. Good stuff!

  4. I do not like cold water so I always heat mine for about 45 seconds in the microwave, to about room temp. I must say I have a place in my heart for hot chocolate, especially in the winter. I use half unsweetened almond milk half water, some unsweetened cocoa powder and just a tiny bit of brown sugar, maybe a teaspoon. I drink about 2-3 huge cups of this stuff a day. That’s hydrating right?

    I only ate 2 grahams with half a toasted marshmallow (I made them pretty big huh?) and some 90% dark chocolate. I have been so good about cutting out sugar lately, so this rocked my world. So delicious, but cured me of sugar for at least another week. Ridiculously rich.

  5. I like my water really cold! Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was drinking so much SUPER cold water. That was the only way it tasted good!

  6. I need to get back in the habit of carrying water around with me. For some reason “sink water” (this is what Brie calls it) in any new house freaks me out for a while. I’m weird, what can I say. In this house the fridge has the replace filter light on, so I can’t use that water either of course! So, I have been buying bottled water.

    I really like coconut water when I’m feeling dehydrated.

  7. I add a splash of cranberry juice or drink herbal teas. I had a pregnancy tea that I loved when I was pregnant with my last child!

  8. Decaf tea counts too! I’ve been drinking a lot of that. Peppermint is my fav 🙂

  9. Eating chocolate motivates me to drink water. 🙂

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