Health Woes: 31 Weeks

Honestly, you would think I would learn… but I haven’t. Baby Arsenal thus far has been measuring small. Really small. My midwives thought I didn’t know when I got pregnant – that’s how small she was measuring. Pick-a-new -due-date/you-are-over-a-month-behind –  that’s how small she was measuring. But THAT couldn’t be true because Baby Arsenal was conceived in April of 2011 and NOT in May… I peed on 4 sticks to be certain…

SO, during my last appointment the midwives and I discussed the all day “morning” sickness I have been experiencing and possible need to take medications. You know me – of COURSE – I put my foot down and freaked out. NO MEDICINE …um you don’t even know what’s wrong with me…. So THEY agreed to do more tests and took about 6 vials of blood and Gooner and I left the office half a pint lighter. Verdict: hypoglycemia. Basically, I have super low levels of insulin and one side effect in pregnant ladies is what I call “all day morning sickness.” Not cool friends. So all in all I was starving Baby Arsenal. Awesome. Mother of the Year award over here!

Read labels, folks…sugar is in EVERYTHING. So even though I wasn’t eating cookies and stuff (we rarely do that over at here at Famille d’Arsenal – we save it for the good stuff like PIE and Magnum) I WAS eating sugar, causing a spike in my blood sugar and THEN causing me to be sick. SINCE eating like a normally hypoglycemic should, I’ve gained an additional 7 pounds BAM, and Baby Arsenal took a GIANT leap of growth. She is now back on track for a January due date. (Probably February because hoping to go early or on time is just too much to ask of a growing hormonal woman.)

One person has checked my blog today and I’m pretty sure it is my Mom. The rest of you, after checking day after day, have given up. Truth? Our wireless router broke SO the laptop has to be attached to the modem and you have to sit on a LOW stool since the cord is so short. Um, NO. I can do that comfortably for ten minutes…One day I stole internet from a neighbor and I think I lounged on the couch and spent Gooner’s entire nap catching up on blogs. It was AWESOME!

It is supposed to be 12 degrees here tomorrow. We better go out and enjoy a sunny 30 degrees today before another snow storm hits…

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26 thoughts on “Health Woes: 31 Weeks

  1. I’m hypoglcemic, too. Good to know what I’ll have to deal with whenever I do finally get pregnant. I’ve been this way for years, so I’ve learned how to eat with it, but the being sick all day thing does not sound like a cup of tea!

  2. Wow. Apparently I can’t spell. Pls overlook that. 🙂

  3. Dang girl! You have been going through a lot. What have you changed in your diet to help you? I’m glad to hear that everything is back on track!

  4. I’m glad you were able to figure out what was going on at least! I’m not hypoglycemic technically, but the all-day morning sickness has definitely been with me through this pregnancy whenever I’m not being super careful to eat small high-protein low-sugar meals every couple of hours. Ugh.

  5. The Mommy

    So glad Baby Sooner is growing now! I actually worked with a lady that had the same issue. Her midwives were on the ball and caught it quite a bit earlier. Hope you are feeling much better too.

  6. Glad everything is back on track! Isn’t it amazing how quick they jump to drugging you? Somethings wrong, we don’t know what….let’s give her drugs…that’ll fix it. :-\ Dumb.

  7. I haven’t been over here in SO long, friend!!! I am so freaking excited for you!! I don’t k now if I ever got a chance to tell you I’ve been so wrapped up in things over here! I’m happy to hear the good update about the weight gain! So exciting!!! Sending lots of hugs!

  8. Yikes, lady! I’m glad you’re okay and you and baby are both thriving again!! ❤

  9. i’m so glad you and baby girl are okay. thank the Lord. i am also super stoked you will not feel so terrible anymore. you poor thing!

  10. Good for you, pushing for results and not just taking meds! You’re my hero. I hope Baby Arsenal continues to grow at a healthy rate. I also hope the all-day sickness goes away. That is NO fun!

  11. Awwww, so sorry you had a rough patch! Glad you got it all squared away, though. Mama’s alway gotta trust her instinct!
    Miss talking with you, I feel so disconnected.Appreciate your sweet words on my blog today. What are you up to later this week? I’m free Thursday and Friday, perhaps we can fit a chat in? I’ll text you, Lord willing and if the creek don’t rise. 😉

  12. Does this also mean your all day sickness is gone? I hope so. Amazing what we go through for these little ones.

  13. So glad you figured out the problem and that lil baby is growing. I am cracking up about you stealing internet.

    I remember so often all the chores I planned to do when my kids were napping. Once they were down all I wanted to do was relax and read a good book (if I had known about blogs a few years ago it would have been blogs).

    I can’t give up on your blog because A. you are funny and B. gotta see Gooner become a big sis.

  14. I am so glad that your midwife was on top of this for you and the baby. I understand how tiring it all can be, but you are getting close. Take care of yourself!!

  15. Errign

    So glad things are sorted!

  16. boo to hypoglycemia! so glad you got it sorted out and sooner is now on track! more glad for you not being so sick. and glad you posted i was getting worried you got snowed in 😉

  17. Oh MAN. That sounds awful. I am so glad that you stood firm and that you were able to get a good diagnosis and treat the problem. PHEW!

  18. Clarissa

    I am so glad you’ve finally figured it out! Bummer that it’s hypoglycemia. Hooray that Baby Sooner is okay! I love you, friend.

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