I have…

renewed faith in this whole blogging experience. Your comment reminded me that I DO in fact have friends out there (Just not my neighbor who “ended our friendship.”) I mean who does that?

I confronted friends I wanted to “un-friend” in elementary school. And it went well; I made them cry and the teacher made me apologize. THEN the teacher called my Mom to tell her to tell me that I was mean. SO, my Mom taught me something called TACT, so that when I DID need to SERIOUSLY confront someone I could do it respectfully. At the ripe old age of 29 I don’t see the need to speak to neighbors that I see every day and SECRETLY dislike and tell them in PUBLIC that I dislike them.  I think that’s weird.

So here is what happened: Neighbor brings over sick kid for a play date. Gooner got it. Q got it. I’ll probably find it dormant in the bathroom while I’m nesting right before labor. And then I will have an icky runny green encrusted nose while I’m trying to push. Awesome. At least I won’t have to blame Sooner.

My neighbor – who refuses to take responsibility – brought her sick kid over to my house. Mind you, the kid is still in that baby stage where sucking and eating all of Gooner’s toys is SUPER FUN.

Just as any mother would, I asked my neighbor if her son was sick despite all the obvious physical signs indicating that he CLEARLY was  – snot was running so quickly down his face that my neighbor announced that she had run out of Kleenex and wanted to know if I had any extra on hand. Low and behold Gooner got sick. In light of that, I approached my neighbor and told her that since we only live next door, in the future she needs to call me to cancel any plans we may have if her kids are sick.

SWHND:  A few days later, my nieghbor TEXTED me and told me that with my “high parenting standards we could no longer be friends.” And that if she “acted like me she wouldn’t have any friends.”

ME: I didn’t respond….um….how do you respond to that?

So, at first I didn’t care. I mean, you broke up our friendship via text message! But THEN, I began to feel bad. I mean, someone doesn’t like me AND I already feel fat, BIG, and puffy. I now sport that pregnant puffy that most women get but seem to lose on that last push out of the baby… And I don’t know, she’s maybe a negative zero because she struggles with anorexia…which I don’t endorse but does have me feeling like the community whale.

But at least I’m HIS whale.

Can I hear an AMEN? Nothing like being married to an African God to make you feel, um BIG.

Onto BRIGHTER things…I’m due next month. Say again? NEXT MONTH. I’m in denial that it will happen in January BECAUSE I make a nice baby home. Honestly. (Except for the starving Sooner part…) My midwife was trying to measure me last week and after MUCH trying and me finally asking her WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU PUSHING ON ME, and she uttered, “I just can’t find your pubic bone!” And that got me laughing, “My pubic bone!? You are about 5 inches too high!” Yah, my long torso throws doctors WAY off. I’m abnormal, and this in turn allows my babies to stretch and wiggle until we force them out.

Long story…not as short as I thought it would be…thanks for commenting.

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15 thoughts on “I have…

  1. Oh, wow…not cool text message. I have no idea how to respond to something like that. So I probably wouldn’t. LOL

  2. What are our children going to do in the future? We seem to deal with everything via text message, facebook, email and not face to face or even over the phone. It’s going to change our relationships that’s for sure! I guess I wouldn’t have responded either. She can come talk with you, just like you did with her.

  3. M

    You are well rid of her as a “friend”.

  4. Good golly, miss molly. Your neighbor doesn’t sound like a “friend” worth having. Sorry. 😦 I hope you get to enjoy your last month of pregnancy, now that you know about sugar making you sick. You’re a healthy eater, too! I’m beginning to wonder if that could be a reason I felt SO sick my last 6 weeks with Mckenzie. Something was haywire with me too. If we decide on another baby, I’ll have to do some hypoglycemia research. Anyhow, blessings on your last month!!

  5. Wow! Sooner is coming so soon. Time has flown by!
    I’m sorry about your neighbor that really stinks, and super awkward since you probably see her a lot you know… being NEIGHBORS and all. I can’t believe she texted you that!!

  6. You are brave for saying something to her. Go you! I’m proud of you.

    I have a friend like this. She ALWAYS brings her kids over when they are snotty and sick….and my kids ALWAYS get sick afterward. It’s so annoying and well, rude. Not friend like. I was at the end of my patience the last time and asked if one of her kids was sick….she claimed she was ‘teething’ (the 3 year old!) and that the baby had ‘allergies’ (in WINTER!). Umm…NO! That was the last time I invited them over. I will never again (this was last year). It’s so inconsiderate. I never take my kids anywhere when they are sick. It’s best for them AND for every other little kid and parent out there.

  7. I am shocked that she would leave a sick child with a pregnant woman and a small one, seriously? I hope everything clears up in time for you to prepare for the holidays, enjoy the holidays and prepare for baby.

    Ideally it would be great if we could be friends with all of our neighbors. I wave, but honestly they are all just neighbors, that’s it. I have plenty of friends and a busy life, so waving will have to do.

    Tell your husband to do a push up or something, jeez =D

  8. Women are so ridiculous. Sorry La. 😦 Can’t believe you’re a month away!

  9. Good riddance to the neighbor indeed. How weird!

    I have a creepy busybody of a neighbor that was SOOOo mad at me for not being her “friend” on Facebook. Um, sorry lady, I don’t need you looking at my stuff – we don’t even get along in real life. WHY would I add you on FB? She actually confronted my husband about it!

  10. Good riddance, my goodness! We were just chewing out a coworker recently for bringing his sickness to the office and getting us all sick, and he didn’t de-friend us over the incident… he apologized like any self-respecting adult should have! One undenying truth in this life… People. Are. EFFING BONKERS.

  11. mrsmommabee

    wow. that story kind of bothers me … the immaturity of some people.
    in other news … next month!? holy cow where did that pregnancy go!

  12. The Mommy

    I am the super-considerate parent that keeps her kids home if they MIGHT be sick. I’m pretty sure Ellie was teething the other week, but we missed a few activities. I have never wanted to be the parent that takes their sick kid all around other kids. Unfortunately, they are everywhere!

  13. That girl is crazy! Don’t let her get you down. You are wonderful and beautiful and amazing. I miss you.

  14. Oh wow. First of all, did I hear you right? Did you just call yourself a WHALE? You are a strong, confident, powerful woman, and you are beautiful, even when you don’t feel like it. Don’t be down on yourself right now, especially over something like that. That lady is crazy–and downright mean to come to a pregnant lady’s house with a sick kid. Geez. How rude. And to “break up” a friendship via text? Wow. Unbelievable. You are fully justified in your irritation here.

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