On Being Passive-Aggressive

For the most part, I know what I want and I’m not afraid to say it. I’m totally NOT above begging for a kiss on my wedding day…or any day for the matter.

I have a hard time being friends with passive-aggressive people. I take that back…I have a hard time keeping my mouth SHUT around passive-aggressive people. Period. Enter the internet….this is all sooooooooooooo easy now. Now you can say a rude, vague comment on Facebook without saying WHO you are talking about, leaving EVERYONE to wonder if you are talking about the.

Here are a few examples:

1.”I don’t have any friends who REALLY know and love me.” 2.”I feel like everyone around me is pregnant, and I’m not. I can’t even be happy for them.” 3.”If I don’t get this chain letter back I will assume we aren’t friends. For real.” 4.”[Insert SUPER offensive comment followed with] Go ahead and block me, I don’t care.” 5. blah, blah, blah

Now, we all know that I am totally fine with opinions, we ALL have them. However, if you have something like this to say on FB I am probably going to unfriend you. Not probably…I’m going to do it. GASP. I don’t have time for that type of drama folks! And I think it is RUDE. Don’t steal other’s joy because YOU can’t handle life. And I’m not going to waste my time wondering if it is me.

Enter text messaging. Have Mercy. Oh have MERCY. The NEIGHBOR just won’t stop. STOP IT! She keeps sending me texts that are passive-aggressive:

“Do you ever leave your house anymore, I NEVER see you at the park.” “I don’t ask YOU to the park anymore because I don’t know if you are ANGRY.” “I don’t want to make you upset.” “Will you be upset if <child> has a runny nose.” “I feel like I’m losing all my friends.”

Um really? You told me you didn’t want to be my friend! That it wasn’t working out! Honestly, I’ve had to “let go and let God.” I know, you think it’s cliche, but yowza. I probably got 15 texts from her yesterday and this was only a WEEK after the “incident” happened. Don’t be passive-aggressive. Don’t send texts about me being upset when that has nothing to do with anything! It’s so weird.

Can’t we all just be friends? HA, as if we’d even want that….

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13 thoughts on “On Being Passive-Aggressive

  1. Ew. passive aggressiveness drives me INSANE. I totally called out one of my MIL’s friends on FB this morning for that (she had posted a rude, passive aggressive homophobic comment on my wall about a video I had shared). I’m sure she’ll be upset, but whatever.

    Your neighbor. Ew. At some point we grow up and leave behind those “friends” that just create drama in our lives. Sounds like you’re right in letting that one go!

  2. Ahhhh, so true! You said it, I too have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I grew up extremely shy and insecure and now I am the opposite thank goodness. About the shy part anyways.

    I have opinions and I totally respect others opinions as long as we’re all nice about it, let’s just be grown ups and have the uncomfortable conversations.

    And you would love Brutus, he is so mellow and good with kids. But he is a chihuahua and can be somewhat yappy when new people come over, but he warms up real quick. Just you wait, it is inevitable that your kids will ask for a dog.

    Also that is the most stunning wedding photo I have ever seen.

    • Oh yah, Gooner so wants a dog now. As soon as we have a yard we will get one! And thanks for your sweet words, I loved our photographer!

  3. The Mommy

    I think your neighbor *needs* a friend like you! Sounds like she has issues and could use a friend, but it also sounds like it may be really hard to be friends with her.

  4. Glad I read the last post first! Can you block texts from her number? Because that is pure craziness. She’s text stalking you, or something. Completely nuts. You don’t need that kind of crazy right now. Passive-aggressive is SO irritating. I am from such an up-front family, and I don’t deal with passive-aggressive well AT ALL. What is frustrating is when passive-aggressive people I am stuck with in my life can’t get that and they don’t like me or get me for being up front and open about things–it makes for a relationship that is very weird.

    Also, the wedding pic of you guys is great!

  5. I don’t like those people either. They drive me crazy. The neighbor sounds…interesting! 🙂

  6. I always hope I’m not passive aggressive….I think I just have a hard time communicating if I’m upset and I let it slide several times and then I just pop! But I do agree that the internet has made passive-aggressiveness much more annoying and easy to nasty comment back on!

    In other news….I love your new layout!

  7. Tell her that her texts are harassment and that you’ll get a restraining order if she doesn’t knock it off. I love you for your no-holds-barred opinions. On a lighter note, loving the Christmas theme up in here! ❤

  8. i love ya. i really do. people do dumb things and say dumb things. facebook makes it all the more apparent. : ) i’m sure i’ve said a few dumb things in my lifetime. just a few, though!!! ; )

  9. I can’t stand people like that either.
    If more people would just say it and be done with it then skirt around issues, it would be a much better place.

    I’ll admit, I can be p/a from time to time with the hubs but I try to check myself.

  10. Errign

    I hate, hate, hate passive aggressive people.

  11. Passive-aggressive people make me crazy. My “best friend” for a long time was passive-aggressive and you can imagine what she thought about my weight loss. It was the last straw for her. Your neighbor sounds very lonely and needy. You have a lot going on now!!

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