Doth Mine Eyes Deceive Me?

CLEARLY I’m NOT THAT BIG! (Oh wait, maybe just a little…) It’s the coat guys! 😉

Seriously? Anyway, this is a pic from our last soccer game of the season. Don’t let the sunlight deceive you…it was FREEZING. The game was IN the mountains as Q got to play at the Air Force Academy. Gooner is drinking my “foffee” as quickly as she could…NOT for the caffiene or sugar….but for the warmth. Of course! I’m smiling because we all know that once I try to stand up I will be a one act comedy show. Also notice the lady sitting by me in the picture:  S.  She is my favorite soccer watching partner and both Q and her future hubby play well together. It also helps that Gooner and her get along very well… 

We took pictures by a HUGE bomber.

We bombed a LOT of the Pacific with this plane.

There were a LOT of Asian tourists who did NOT speak English rushing around smoking and taking pictures. I found this interesting because if I had to guess I would bet that this plane, or one very similar, bombed their home countries. Hmm…moment of irony perhaps? Always an interesting thought…. 

Have you ever visited a museum in France? They look at Normandy QUITE differently than we do and it was hard to see pictures of our history in that light. I was NOT laughing when I saw pictures and read signs displaying the superiority of the French over the Americans SO it surprised me to see others acting differently…like HAPPY to see a plane that single handedly caused MASS DESTRUCTION. I don’t know. Have you ever thought about it or experienced it?

On a happier note, we are experiencing a LOT of snow. It is FABULOUS. We LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

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9 thoughts on “Doth Mine Eyes Deceive Me?

  1. I don’t think you look that big at all. Besides, you have to remember you’re carrying a BABY in there. When I was pregnant I looked pregnant EVERYWHERE, Especially my face. I just grinned and bore it (and complained a lot).

    It’s sunny and freezing here too.

  2. The Mommy

    I don’t think you look all that big! I remember going to Maggie’s last Storytime when Ellie was in my belly. I felt huge and decided not to sit in the floor because I didn’t want everyone looking at me when it was time to get up! I happily sat in a chair on the side.
    I have found that Asian tourists LOVE to take pictures of ANYTHING tourist-y!
    I love the snow on Gooner’s eyelashes!

  3. Look at Gooner’s eyelashes! Wow.

    …that coat is funny. Just think..I really WAS that big 24 hours ago. 😉

  4. You look great!!! There should be some sort of universal rule that pregnant ladies don’t have to wear coats, ha. There’s not a flattering one in the whole entire world.

    Yeah… perspective is a funny thing, huh? Sad, really.

    The last picture of Gooner is BEAUTIFUL.

  5. M

    LOVE your new picture.

  6. You’re supposed to look big… you’re incubating a baby, duh. ;P

  7. OHHHHH those snow covered eyelashes are killing me! What a beauty!

    Very interesting points about the bombers and WWII and out of country tourists. My brother lived in Japan for a couple of years and he was and still is amazed at how welcoming the Japaneses citizens were to him after the things we did in WWII. I know we helped in rebuilding and have since helped restore the country, but still. I don’t totally understand.

    Last note: you look so cute bundled in your coat. I think if I looked like you though, meaning, if I were pregnant and outside and in a coat, I would probably not be smiling. Just because I’m difficult and uncomfortable often in coats anyway. But this is not about me… And you are wearing both the coat and pregnancy well.

  8. yeah, it is called a puffy coat for a reason! it’s not you at all! you look gorgeous.

    i thought abut that irony too, as we saw pearl harbor on our honeymoon with lots of asians around. anyway.

    that pic of Q is GORGEOUS!!!

  9. Errign

    Your comments about the plane, etc, reminded me of my awkward car ride to/from Charlotte with a German passenger. On the way back to Asheville, we talked about The Holocaust. That was some awkward turtle sh!t right there..

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