His and Her


Do you drink wine at your house? Gooner truly enjoyed her Thanksgiving “wine.” It was a pre- emptive strike and I’m SO GLAD we bought some sparkling juice for her. As soon as Q started serving wine, Gooner vividly expressed her desire for “her  wine” too! We drink more wine around the holidays to accompany our food than any other time! Do you drink wine at holidays…at all?

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10 thoughts on “His and Her

  1. We don’t drink alcohol at all but we sure do go through the Marinelle’s during the holidays. The kids love it and think it is the epitome of fancy.

    I just have to say your daughter’s cheeks are just too much. She has such a perfect little doll face.

  2. Oh man so adorable with her bottle. We drink wine especially during the holidays. So wish we could enjoy some together 🙂

  3. What a great idea! That way she gets to participate in the festivities. I’ll have to remember this someday. My man drinks wine and beer, but I really don’t, even before I had a bunch of food sensitivities.

  4. I love drinking wine, especially a good red around the holidays. This year I’m skipping out b\c of the baby, but my husband is making up for my lack of consumption. There is nothing more cozy than relaxing in a decorated home, sipping some red wine and eating good food by the fire to me in December!

    Your little daughter is too cute for words!

  5. I have just started to get into wine this year and I love it. So tasty and a classy way to get drunk ….haha : )

  6. I used to majorly get my wine on back in the day. Now I’d have to join Gooner at the kid’s table and have “her wine” too. 😉

  7. We love wine on occasion. Usually red wine for anniversaries or a just a night to wind down. Last year, Josh brought home a rose champagne to celebrate the New Year’s with. 🙂

    Gosh, those eyelashes!!!!!!!!

  8. Aw, presh. We do Martinelli’s for the kids too. Wine and Beer are staples around here… we don’t always have them, but it’s a really great way to unwind after a stressful day–we try to do happy hour at the end of the day at least a few nights a week. I’m more of a beer girl–microbrews, not nasty stuff, but I love wine too. Especially reds. I am missing my happy hour time with the pregnancy for sure.

  9. We don’t do alcohol but LOVE sparkling cider this time of year. We went to a B&B last weekend to celebrate our Anniversary and had the most amazing bottle of alcohol-free sparkling champagne waiting for us in our suite. It really was fantastic. I emailed the B&B owner to ask him where they bought it, since I can’t find that kind anywhere! 🙂

  10. My parents used to get sparkling wine for me and my brother at holidays too! I always enjoyed it – a special treat “just like” the grown ups!

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