34 Week Body Pic

Ok, so this might not be EXACTLY what I look like, but it IS how I feel…like a lumbering big polar bear. I fall onto couches, beds and have resorted to using my arms as levers in order to do the simple things in life…like getting back up again. I’m not miserable; honestly. I am just sorta annoyed when I remember that I can’t just spring back up and skip to the kitchen. Oh wait, I didn’t skip to the kitchen before being pregnant? WELL, at least I could skip. And dance with Gooner. I DID do that.

I woke up coughing on Q’s face because I caught Gooner’s nasty chest cold. There’s NOTHING sexier than having THIS:

wake up next to you. Q assures me that HE does not feel this way; this is totally my own invention. I don’t even feel huge like I did with Gooner, I still have another month before I bring out the African Elephant metaphors. I don’t feel like I look fat and bad, I just FEEL like I am a lumbering woman. I had two ladies on the SAME day tell me that I look 6 months, so they became my new best friends. Loyalty?

If you want loyalty, tell me that this baby will be born early (Full term at 37 weeks) healthy, quickly, and when I deliver I will still look 6 months. 😉 Upon delivery, I will immediately look like a giraffe, long lean legs and neck, but with the customary jelly belly…since that’s normal.

And I am all about normal.

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7 thoughts on “34 Week Body Pic

  1. While that polar bear is adorable, I bet it’s most certainly not as radiant and lovely as you. ❤

  2. The Mommy

    I remember feeling EXACTLY like that! I wasn’t feeling miserable, but it was miserable not being able to just do things.

  3. Clarissa

    I don’t think you look big. I think you look good! In fact, perhaps you could take some of those “pregnant” pics w/ Q we were discussing last week? Because then you could post them here and show the whole world how awesome you look and how much you love your husband and baby. And it wouldn’t be creepy at all….

  4. There’s nothing like that huuuuuuuuge feeling…it’s not fun! But I’m sure you look far more radiant than you feel. 🙂

  5. I am glad you can be funny and pregnant at the same time. I felt the same way, just huge everywhere. Trust your husband. Us women are always a million times harder on ourselves than we should be.

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