This time of year! In the land of blog…there are no financial concerns. Q and I have been spending copious amounts of time reminiscing about our past; where we have been, to where we are now. Last Christmas was tight. We had just done a HUGE move from Texas to Colorado. Q was on a political campaign where the guy he was campaigning for lost and I was thanking the Lord that Gooner would NOT remember that Christmas. We didn’t have a tree and had no plans of getting one. Our immediate thoughts were food on the table and paying our bills. At the same time, I was reading all these blogs about “perfection.” Or at least this is how it seemed to me. In order to be happy one has to OWN a home, OWN a tree, BAKE copious amounts of sweets, and buy your spouse a gift.

At that time Q and I realized that it was up to us, as Gooner’s parents, to be the ones to make sure that our children learn at a tender age the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is not the commercialized and modern day koolaid the media serves us at every moment as soon as Halloween is over. It is more than that. Yes, it is special for kids to learn about the folklore, Santa Claus, elves, reindeer etc… But it is truly more than that. It is the miraculous and special birth of Jesus. I can make a breakfast of leftover sandwich bread into super yummy French Toast AND that you don’t need a huge Turkey to make lunch “special.” The day is truly about the gift that God gave us – his only begotten son. And how do we partake of that very special moment? By sharing in the Father’s love through the act of giving gifts to loved ones…

This year there was an abundance of gifts for each other and for Gooner. We received a box of beautiful itty bitty clothing for Sooner because my friend who was supposed to have a girl….had a boy…ooops ultrasound techs! And, we have a tree, complete with an Angel on top made of white porcelain. She is neither black nor white, use your imagination… This is a truly blessed Christmas indeed! This Christmas I am too far along in my pregnancy to fly, so this Christmas was spent quietly, our last as a family of three. I tried my hand at Beef Wellington – which was a huge success – but I made the grossest carrot side dish EVER.

I’m thrilled. I am honestly LOVING this time of year. We opened Sooner’s “coming home” outfit. This is Gooner’s new “face” when she doesn’t want to take a photo…it’s awesome. Q says she is wearing her “grinch face.”

And Gooner received play dough that she has been “baking” into cookies using her new kitchen. She’s also wearing a new apron that matches one for me, made by her Grandma!

And she got a piggy bank! It’s not to save for college but for her first trip to England for her first Arsenal game. We have our priorities straight around here…

It really isn’t the gifts folks, it was just nice to be able to make the day special. Q out did himself this time! He bought me a gym membership to this AWESOME gym. Not only did I have machines to up my cardio and FLARE at me telling me my pregnant heart was beating too fast, BUT I have spent the last THREE days feeling weightless in a spa like pool. Breathing deeply in a Eucalyptus sauna and dipping my feet in a bubbly jacuzzi. Yup, this man knows the way straight to my heart!

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10 thoughts on “LOVING…

  1. Errign

    Merry Christmas 🙂 Enjoy that spa-like pool!

  2. Lori

    What a good Christmas post! I’ve read many about either going over the top with the hooplah or about nixing the hooplah completely and I think yours just hit the nail on the head : BALANCE.

    Merry Christmas! (a few days late…)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! That gym sounds amazing!

  4. I agree…though I love to partake in the baking and hoopla of Christmas, my most favorite moments are just snuggled up on the couch with the hubs and pup enjoying the quiet moments of the season.

  5. I loved that Alex and I were able to get each other gifts that didn’t cost a bazillion dollars but still make it fun for each other to open presents. This was the first year we had a tree and our first year of living alone with no roommates, so the holidays really had a special feel. Gooner’s grinch face is so awesome. 🙂

  6. Gooners little kitchen is so precious, and her apron, oh my!
    Can’t wait to see baby Sooner.
    Also, maybe we can try a phone chat again, now that you have a new phone?!?! Let’s try!

  7. I love the Grinch face, so funny. I appreciate your post, it’s so great to hear that your hearts were full last year with so little and again this year with much more. No matter our finances I try to focus on all of our blessings. It can be hard with so much excitement going on, but the kids truly enjoy giving just as much as receiving.

  8. She is darling and you are so smart to be able to focus on the reason for Christmas. It’s so much more than gifts or a tree. We don’t even do Santa (I know – we are crazy) but do gifts/stockings of course!! I had a friend who thought she was going to have a girl and her little son popped out!

  9. What a great post! That Gooner is a sweetie!

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