It is that time again! The time where one looks back on the year with happiness OR regret; where one realizes one is thinner OR fatter; where one wanted to run a half marathon and it never happened because one got pregnant… Or that you survived another year through this “economy” and that your husband still has a job. Woo hoo! Q and I set out 2011 with some pretty hefty goals and we knew we had some hard work ahead of us to make that happen. And they happened. And we are quite pleased.

And now it is time to think about 2012…as a family of 4! Seriously??? Wow. Apparently I have been in denial since a few weeks ago when my midwife leaned over, put her hand on my knee and calmly stated that “La, you will have this baby. Soon.” Now that my belly has popped out in gargantuan proportions there is no denying it. As if I would want to! Get out, get out, get out!!!!!!!! Not really – I’m only 35 weeks pregnant BUT entering the new year “miserable” isn’t all THAT fun. On that same note, Sooner is Sunny Side Up – we are spine to spine and she is pretty much transverse or sideways. Seriously? My long torso gives our babies room to maneuver! Hopefully Sooner knows what to do on game day just like her big sister Gooner did on HER birthday. Gooner was breach until one day…she wasn’t! Maybe her sister will be the same?

So I’m entering 2012 with an upper respiratory cold or something. I’m on like day 12 of this “thing” and I’m over it.  The only thing worse than being 9 months pregnant is being 9 months pregnant AND sick. Yuck!

I think 2012 is going to turn into a huge fitness/weight loss year full of goals for me! Currently we have a vacation to a tropical island for Christmas on the books. Um, wearing a swim suit in front of Q’s family might be enough to kick my booty into gear!  Actually just feeling better will be enough, BUT I will be breast feeding again so the weight loss WILL be slow… But slow and steady wins the race. Q and I are interested in running in a few races next year. I’m anxious to find out what YOU guys are planning for 2012. OR are you NOT planners?

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14 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I used to make resolutions but they were always overwhelming. So now I just make loose goals that are more attainable. Have more patience, drink more water, etc. I truly try and be conscious of these goals but not be so hard on myself. I have to celebrate my achievements no matter how small to give me the momentum to continue.

    10 months to prepare until the bathing suit trip? You can totally do it!

  2. The Mommy

    2012 will be a great year for you! And Sooner WILL be here so very soon!

  3. i am so sorry you are sick! colds and such while you’re pregnant should be banned!!! i’m sure you will be a health queen and a workout addict next year, like usual. : ) hope you feel better soon!!!

  4. Haha, definitely planned to set a half-marathon AND marathon PR in 2011, but then got pregnant 🙂 Maybe I’ll bump those goals to 2012.

  5. We are running some races too! I’m already signed up for a half in May. It feels good to dream about running in warmer weather! This will be a great year! We became a family of 4 two years ago in February. It’s been amazing…

  6. That is so sad that you are feeling under the weather. I hope that you feel better soon. 2012 will be full of blessings and fun for you!!

  7. Lori

    You guys are such an active family…I love that about y’all! I’m a loose planner when it comes to resolutions…I like to give myself LOTS of time and not feel stressed about it. Our children are growing up so fast, it’s craziness! Sooner will be here before ya know it!

  8. My one actual resolution is to make it up into headstand at some point. 🙂 Happy new year, La! ❤

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful year and much to look forward to in 2012. I’m not much for resolutions but I always try and make myself set some mental goals for the year.

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