The Ceremony

Q got sworn in today! This week marks the beginning of the 2012 Colorado Legislative session.

He looks so handsome in his suit…meanwhile I’m a stay at home Mom barefoot and pregnant…I wouldn’t have it any other way! Well, SOON I won’t be pregnant, but the barefoot part doesn’t bother me at all! When Q and I first met, we both were in politics so although I go to events with him, most of the time I live vicariously through him. Session is an insane time for our family. Q is busy. SUPER busy and his work load triples. He hired additional staff which HELPS, but still… PLUS, anyone following the Republican party? Yah, Presidential ELECTIONS! My man is B.U.S.Y. He will go from the session straight into campaign mode until Election Day in November. That’s 11 months of fast and furious political action without a break!! What is our reward for all this madness? Spending Christmas on the beaches in Jamaica with Q’s father (who happens to be also involved in Politics).

Can I just tell you HOW EXCITED WE ARE THAT BABY GIRL HAS NOT COME YET???? This week has already been hectic. It’s busy. He goes very early and works late. And oh yah…

in the midst of this we are having a baby. An infant. In the house. And we ALL know that the first month is a doozy. And the second month is better. The third month is glory. The 4th month your baby has personality and then boom, session will be over. Who planned this? Oh yah, we “did.”

Q and I are planners. We plan EVERYTHING. We’ve been accused recently of not being “spontaneous” enough. Oh wait, we were accused of being “the least spontaneous couple we’ve ever met.” – the Neighbor. We have two kids. One car. And a man with a busy work schedule. And a Mom who LOVES to be with her family. Pardon ME if I don’t want to just HOST you and your family of 4 UNINVITED in the spirit of spontaneity.

Q and I are usually up for adventure, yet at the same time, our adventure usually happens on the weekend. We like to go to bed early AND wake up early. You, NEIGHBOR, need to realize that we DON’T have family around so if you call us to go DANCING at 6 p.m. on Friday night and want us ready by 7 AND have a babysitter come….we are going to need a little MORE planning. If my parents lived close by – like yours do – I WOULD call them and see if they would LOVE to come. But they DON’T. So we want to SAVE our DATES for MORE PLANNING.

Basically the relationship is toxic. Or was. Since the friendship was “ended” via her text msg.

Back to the basics. Session is a big time for Q and our family. And he is sworn in today and I am SO PROUD! And are we the only ones with seriously wacky neighbors????

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17 thoughts on “The Ceremony

  1. Unfortunately you are not. My neighbor got mad at me for putting some boxes in her recycling bin. I thought it was so weird because The garbage truck would be there any minute and she had ample room. Would she rather I put it into my garbage (where I had lots of room because I try and recycle and compost as much as I can) and it go into OUR landfill?

    I would never use someone else’s garbage can (because you pay for that), but I am unsure of how she could be mad at recycling. I didn’t think it was a big deal but she was beyond mad.

    I think it’s so cool that you both are so involved with politics. I get confused by it all and really don’t understand it.

    I would like to hear more about Mitt Romney because I am all for someone with a business background (rather than political) who can get in there and cut spending and balance our ridiculous budget.

    You should do a political post and enlighten us all, I for one would find it highly fascinating.

  2. To the above poster:

    If you didn’t ask me before placing your trash in my box, I’d probably be upset, too. It sort of reminds me of that saying “a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency in mine.” If you had asked before doing it, it probably wouldn’t have been an issue.

  3. Adie

    Congratulations to Q! So glad Colorado is being good to your family. Um aside from your insane neighbor! What?!?!

  4. Your neighbor is nuts. Completely banana sandwich, and not in a good way at all. I hope she moves away or something.

    Also, I hope this baby comes at a time that works for you–sounds like there’s not too much of that really, but obviously some times are better than others.

  5. Q does look super handsome! Congrats on the swearing in! I hope the session is not too crazy!

  6. Congrats to you and Q!! I hope this session goes well. I’m blessed with good neighbors and I’m thankful, because I know that’s not always the case. Sorry you have to deal with wacky neighbors.

  7. I don’t think anyone would believe the stories of our neighbors…it’s a really bad reality show…or an episode of Cops maybe? Either way, it’s weird. 😉

    I’m excited for your adventure!

  8. The Mommy

    Your neighbor is NUTS! We are currently blessed with great neighbors. Unfortunately, the crazies of the neighborhood live on the other side of them and they sort of mess up the whole neighborhood on occasion.
    Q looks handsome!!

  9. Eeek! You have a LOT going on! But you guys are so awesome that you’ll get through it all just fine!

  10. Yay!! Congrats to your hubs, that’s great!!

  11. you my friend, are one of my heros!!

  12. Lori

    Boo hiss that your neighbor is unfriendly…Some people are much more forward in their relationships. My husband and I are very much low key, roll with the punches kind of neighbors. We are the best kind 🙂 Heehee!!
    We once had rentors next door that left a note on our vehicle to get it out of the street. And then one neighbor confided to us that she was a REAL witch and would be predicting the sex of our babies when we got pregnant. I mean really, it’s 50/50…so…

    She was right both times, so I’m super nice to her 🙂 No, she’s a nice lady, but that freaked us out a smidge.
    And then another neighbor was a hoarder and her house had to be gutted and she was removed from the home.

    I’ll be super excited to move away from this neighborhood.
    I am a planner too…with two little ones and if you respect your children and their schedules/needs/etc. — ya kinda have to be!

  13. I really want to smack your neighbor a little.

  14. Yay Q! Your neighbor is crazy.

  15. Oh CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting.

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