Aqua Zumba…

is no joke. My midwife said lifting weights, the elliptical, WATER AEROBICS, and the bike were all exercises that I could still do.

Ok, I HAVE to throw this out there…I’ve been a TOTAL judger of zumba. It looks like a GREAT workout if you know what you are doing. I, on the other hand, don’t. I have no desire to learn. My butt and boobs are huge and I have no hootzpah to shake, shake, shake. But that is just an excuse. Even if I WERE a size NORMAL I  would rather go running and lift weights.  BUT after witnessing an AQUA ZUMBA class I thought, let’s do it. So Tuesday night I RUSHED my family to the gym. Pregnant lady rushing is awesome because while I RUSH Q already has Gooner in the car and he’s sitting in the drivers seat WAITING for me to FLING myself in and TRY not to shut the door on some unsuspecting body part. Gooner’s new chant…”c’mon Mom!”

So in we go while we all munch on some cashews since we have to miss our normal dinner time for Aqua Zumba. Gooner puts up with the cashews so she can have the salt. I’m ok with that since it is MUCH better than the Almighty Cheet-Oh.

Our awesome family gym-spa allows one area for mothers to do Aqua Zumba WITH their children. Can I hear an AMEN!? I grabbed Gooner a floaty and then lugged myself through the two feet deep water and then sat to take a break. It is NO JOKE walking through water, WITHOUT ABS, WITH A KID HANGING ON YOU, 38.5 weeks pregnant while EVERYONE stares at your belly. And then you swim to the Zumba area and we started Zumba-ing…in the water.

Have. Mercy. No joke. We did awesome moves under water and then jumped around screaming Zumba – Gooner’s favorite part. The guy dancing and sweating on the pool tile was AWESOME and I haven’t felt SO RELAXED in a LONG TIME. I went and “danced” by another preggo because who wants to look awkward alone? Oh wait, I actually didn’t care that I looked like an Orca splashing around, I was having too much fun, I just wanted to flaunt my 38 week belly next to her um, 20 week cutie pouch? Yah, that was it.

THEN, I woke up yesterday. My butt hurt. My obliques hurt – apparently still have some weak ones going on. My arms hurt. The only thing that didn’t hurt were my quads and hamstrings and I attribute that to hauling this body around daily on the elliptical. Thank the Lord, HONESTLY, that I did NOT have the baby yesterday.

SO, Aqua Zumba is no joke. It might look like fun, and it IS, but it IS a workout. An intense one I imagine even if you aren’t pregnant. And I got to take Gooner. And there was awesome dance music. And it caused CRAZY contractions after the fact.

So yah, still no baby. C’mon! She’s waiting for February because it has a prettier birth stone. I already have a girl that loves make up, tutu’s, dresses, skirts, hair bows…WHATEVER else is girlie…surely Sooner wants a purple birth stone. Wait, maybe it is because when I am DONE having babies I want a PRETTY floral Mother’s Ring or something. So, she can wait until February, BUT as soon as it hits, boy this girl better kick it into HIGH GEAR.

Sooner, this is your mother speaking. I’m moody and hormonal.

Sorry guys, no picture. My maternity swimsuit is black and my skin has not seen the sun for a loooooooong time, hence the “orca” comment above. You have the picture.

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12 thoughts on “Aqua Zumba…

  1. You make me laugh! Come on baby….

  2. That class sounds amazing! I need to check to see if we have it in our area.

    The count down is on!

  3. Lori

    LOL…this was great! Never would have thought aqua zumba so intense 🙂

  4. The Mommy

    So funny!!
    I’ve heard great things about Zumba, but Aqua Zumba WITH kids sounds awesome! I’d totally do it.

  5. I demand a picture! 🙂 That really sounds like such a fun class. Why oh why do we have to be pregnant not in the same town? wah wah. I want a workout buddy. and i want to make us sweets to work off 🙂

  6. I wish I had a purple birth stone too, but I’m hoping for your sake Sooner makes her appearance before then! Major props for the aqua Zumba…. Zumba ain’t my thing even a little bit. Also, “cutie pouch” has me lmao. 🙂

  7. LOL Love the last comment about the orca! Hilarious! I haven’t heard of aqua Zumba, but I have definitely been in the “making fun of Zumba camp.” I’m a jerk. What can I say?

    And… I happen to love garnets! Maybe because January was my grandma’s birth month, but I think they are beautiful and would be a great birth stone. And awfully pretty in a mother’s ring too!

  8. Zumba looks fun but I only like to dance in front of the kids, however crazy or off beat I am they don’t shame me. I think it is fantastic that you are still working out this late in the game.

  9. Wow, that sounds like an awesome workout! Wish they did it around here.
    I agree, I’ve totally been a zumba judger, even though I have friends who have professed to love it. I’m such a shitty dancer, it just didn’t seem like my cup of tea. I might have to reconsider…. 🙂

  10. Oh my word, you’re hilarious! I think a Zumba water workout sounds amazing! I don’t think I’d be coordinated enough, but I’d still love to try it. 😉

  11. So I’ve never tried Aqua Zumba (just the land based kind) but I’ve often wondered if it would be a good workout. I think you just answered that! 😛

  12. I’ve never heard of Aqua Zumba…if I lived closer to you, I would totally water rock it out with you 🙂

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