Yesterday I spent some time with friends. It was GREATLY needed. I didn’t realize I needed it. At all.

Q and I chose 2012 as the year to “lower our expectations.” We realized that as individuals AND as a couple that we have super high expectations. When we place expectations on others, and things don’t go according to plan, life in turn becomes stressful.

I was sobbing in bed a couple days ago telling Q how overwhelmed I felt. “with what?” Well, with everything. I’ve had a short temper with Gooner, I feel so yucky that I can’t be there for my friends, the house isn’t perfect when he gets home from work, I had to skip a workout day because of contractions, I haven’t cleaned the fish tank etc…

Q THEN reminded me that honestly these are ALL expectations I have placed on myself. He reminded me that he doesn’t expect a perfect house and that he can pick up toys in 1/4 of the time as me because he doesn’t have a baby in his belly, that my friends love me for me and just want to be with me one last time before the baby comes, and that they won’t notice the house, that it’s ok to skip a workout when you’ve been having contractions for half the day and you physically can’t do it, and that he’d rather have a safe healthy baby than a live fish, and the fish won’t die from a little algea anyway.

Moral to the story…not a single person puts expectations on me. It was me. WHICH is largely due to hormones. Truth friends? I’m slowing down, like waaaaaaaaaay down.  Don’t worry, I will still work out…duh! But that is more for my sanity than the size of my butt.

Speaking of expectations, I have a question for YOU. Do you like guest posts? I was thinking that I might ask some folks to guest post while our small family becomes acquainted with Sooner and I, you know, HEAL. Oh, and learn life with TWO children. Would you be interested in the idea? Let me know; otherwise this blog MIGHT get sparse and silent for awhile…

Bon weekend!


*ALSO if you use blogger I most likely can’t comment. Word verification is ALWAYS wrong, and my credentials can’t be verified. So I am reading your blogs but um, TRYING to comment and it not working. Sorry!*

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14 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of guest posts. I read your blog b/c I like YOUR writing and hearing about YOUR life. 🙂 Maybe if the guest was an IRL friend updating us about you and the babe?

    I’m glad you’re taking some pressure and expectations off yourself! It’s about time!

  2. I agree with Q, take it easy love.
    I do the same thing and have so many expectations for myself and then get upset when I don’t get it done and the hubs is confused by why I’m frustrated but I’m trying to that a little this year myself.

    As far as guest posts, I enjoy them.
    We know you’ll be MIA with the new baby so it would be fun (at least I think) to meet or hear from some of your blogger friends 🙂

  3. Lori

    I probably wouldn’t check in if it wasn’t you or about you…because that’s why I follow – wonderful you! I feel like I know you. Hope that’s not creepy.

    You sound a lot like me with high expectations…everything has to be a certain way or I get frustrated. Sounds like Q is your calm – that’s wonderful to have in a marriage. My hubs does that for me too. It can be overwhelming trying to be perfect and super Mom/wife/everything…You’re amazing to still be exercising. I am in awe, but if you slow up or have to quit completely…I’m am all about giving people a break, heehee 🙂

  4. I feel like Bryant and Q could write a post about wives who have crazy expectations together. I’m in the same boat. It’s only me that makes me crazy! Hang in there! I understand you are trying to comment. I turned word verification off. I don’t know if that helps! I love your blog.

  5. Stephanie

    What a great husband you have! And he’s right. Take it easy on yourself, mama. You’re doing great!!

  6. M

    I’d LOVE to write for your blog one day but it would probably cause you more work by having to edit it. Just know I am here for you and love you and am so very proud of you. You are the best daughter in the whole USA!!!! AND have the best granddaughter in the whole USA. AND the best Q in the whole World!!!

  7. Aw. HUGS! You are SO awesome. If there was ever a time to simply do what you can, and nothing else, NOW is that time. Listen to your husband, and rest. Gear up.

    Guest posts would be good, but honestly? Just do a post saying you’re taking a blogging break, or at least will be hit and miss, and then don’t even think about it again. We’ll all be here when you get back.

    P.S. I just got a gym membership. YAY!

    • Oh, yeah. Forgot to say that I don’t have word verification on my account either. Blogger is way better than it used to be… they gave it a massive update that I’ve really appreciated. But the commenting thing is still annoying sometimes.

  8. That is why I disabled word verification. I always have problems with it. Anyways, you are wonderful. AND I love your honesty in this post. Don’t we all put way too many expectations on ourselves? It is so nice to have a man who will love you through it and remind you, you are wonderful the way you are and don’t need a picture perfect house, now or ever. I would still come to a play date even if you had a sink full of dishes and food dotting your counters and floors.
    Um yes, I enjoy guest post AS long as they aren’t trying to get me to buy something from some company they own. I mean not that I don’t enjoy hearing about people’s at home businesses but I enjoy more hearing about their life and whatever wisdom they have to share or just make me laugh with their crazy life. Unless of course they are going to do a giveaway and pick me as their winner than I will take listening to what they make 🙂
    Can’t wait to meet Sooner but no pressure on pushing her out yet. I mean I know how annoying it is to get millions of text and calls and stalks just to see if baby has arrived. I will just try to be patient. But no promises I won’t go crazy ones February rolls around. Love you!

  9. M

    It sounds like the majority don’t want guest writers. Hmm. And I had some good stories from your childhood about what a great kid you were. Let’s see, the neighbors telling me to control your actions. You and B running to the swings through the cold dew. Ahh, their loss. I’ll wait and tell Gooner and Sooner when they are older. Think they’ll want to hear about just before you were born how miserable you made my life? But ALL well worth it. So glad you are still my baby!


    • I will ALWAYS be your baby. As if ANYONE could control our crazy actions. If it weren’t for you and Dad being so awesome, with a HUGE dose of Jesus, I would have been in a detention center beating people up! 😉 I was so independent. I can’t imagine a single reader wanting to know all the ways I could think up to disobey you at say that AGE OF FOUR! AND if the neighbors didn’t want us climbing their tree and biking down their awesomely smooth drive way then they should have cut the tree down and driven on rocks…

  10. Love the new design, love your mom for being so supportive, love that the babe is almost here and love that your resolution for the year is to ‘lower your expectations’, good for you both for being realistic.

    I so appreciate your voice and honesty. I am hit and miss with guest bloggers. I have a connection with each of the blogs I read so if it is someone I don’t know they really have to catch my attention or I am on to the next one.

    I too disabled word verification. It’s annoying.

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