The Neighbor: Part III

Honestly guys, I thought we were passed the neighbor drama. We stopped hanging out. She stopped texting. I thought we were “good.”

APPARENTLY we aren’t. FOR. THE. LOVE. Drama annoys me. Drama at this stage of the baby waiting game could push me over. I am not rational this pregnant. REPEAT, I am not rational. All my friends and loved ones are on high alert. If I say something dumb to you, PLEASE forgive me. If we mis-communicate it is most likely MY fault. I TAKE THE BLAME.

So the other day I was out scooping snow (don’t worry Gooner was helping me and TWO neighbors were out to witness the preggo scooping snow) and I saw the neighbor. Our kids saw each other first and since children are mostly forgiving and free from weirdo sterotypes they were eager to yell hello and cheer and, you know, do kid stuff. I called out a friendly hello!

The Neighbor stuck up her chin and looked the other way. She couldn’t even tell me hello back. REALLY? Whatev…so I moved on. I was hoping we could be civil, but if we can’t then we can’t.

So YESTERDAY I get a text asking if I have her son’s train. I didn’t – we haven’t played together since the incident. And she then ACCUSED me of finding it and putting it on our sidewalk so that I wouldn’t have to see her. I told her that was mean and I wouldn’t do that. And she responded with “LOL, either way. Are you getting ready for baby?”

And I felt like crying. I’m not the one with the problem here! I hate accusations and I hate people assuming the worst. And I don’t want to hate my neighbor, but she’s making it more and more difficult to get along with her! I honestly don’t want to argue with her, especially over text message. Ugh, honestly, I just can’t handle it. Not right now, probably not ever.

She also told me they are moving out of the country. Enter a calming, relaxing, smile.

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10 thoughts on “The Neighbor: Part III

  1. I’d just ignore her texts and all. I wouldn’t say hello or anything outside unless she did so first. I hate it when people are childish like that. Good luck with her! And…..come on baby Sooner!

  2. Lord’a mercy, sounds like she’s a real trip! And nosy. Baby Sooner needs to come out sooner rather than later. For her Mama’s sake. 😉

  3. Well, that’s one way to solve a crummy neighbor! Ha!

  4. Bahaha! I wish all obnoxious people would move out of the country!

  5. The Mommy

    Hopefully, she’ll be moving soon!

  6. Hopefully they DO move out of the country!! And soon!! Geez, a wheez. I think I’d just delete when she texts. Not respond, not anything. Just delete. Because you don’t need that. That woman is CRAZY.

  7. I hope they decide to up and move in the middle of the night one day so you don’t even know she is gone. I’d just ignore her the best I can. This is the last thing you need right now.

  8. That’s awesome news! She seems unreasonable and immature so how nice that she is going away on a new adventure. Hope you have better luck with the new neighbors.

  9. hmm…i get this…neighbor relations are always tricky…i wrote about a neigbor experience last year called (i don’t know how to link it): Blaring TV! Boisterous Kids! Irritating Foot Stomping! All Rising From the Apartment Below…

  10. Wow she seems like a piece of work.
    I wouldn’t even bother acknowledging her anymore.

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