Update #1

Still no baby over this way. Just major cramping. Boo! Can’t wait to meet her…

New name: Baby Sooner-or-Later

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13 thoughts on “Update #1

  1. Sooner or later…funny! Good luck!

  2. p.s. are you telling her name?

  3. love the name! praying she comes SOONER than later!

  4. M

    You can’t be changing her name now. I already have the quilt complete with name done. Sooner it shall be. LOL

  5. How about Sooner rather than later? 🙂 You’ve just made it so comfortable for her in there… Hoping she comes soon!!

  6. Haaa, cute name! Now hurry up, Sooner! 🙂

  7. Sweet little Sooner child, please come out and don’t be a Boomer about it. 😉 I would still like to call and chat with you. I know I’ve been saying that forever, but I really would.

  8. The Mommy

    LOVE the name!!!
    Were you ever *this* ready for Gooner to arrive?
    It will be SOON! Saying prayers for a peace-filled delivery.

  9. So glad you have the energy to update us all. I can just see you typing between contractions. C’mon baby Sooner, get here already!

  10. C’mon BABY SOONER!!!!! 🙂

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