Spring Fashion

You guys KNOW I am not a fashion blogger. I’m definitely NOT a pregnancy fashion blogger either. I finally wore a hole in the inner thigh of my favorite yoga pants. They were brown. They were ugly. And I didn’t care. I still don’t. I WILL wear them around the house until this baby decides to vacate. Either way, I am enjoying my morning ALONE time that won’t be so ALONE once she arrives in all her infant glory.

And during this alone time, while Q spent some time reading, I perused my fashion catalogues. Somehow, in some way, my name OR current resident, got on a BUNCH of mailing lists. It’s awesome. Honestly, I don’t spend a lot of money of clothing. IF I spend $ it’s normally for workout gear…until recently where I dropped BIG BUCKS at Lululemon. It wasn’t by choice, it just happened. I will have to tell you about that ANOTHER day. Fashion is ONE area where Q and I differ.

Q ALWAYS dresses nice. Always. He got best dressed on the Hill when we worked in DC. He’s gotten best dressed here in Colorado. He looks sharp in a suit. This man knows fashion, and he’s not gay. CLEARLY. (Hello BABY BUMP!) Oh, and our gym says he is among the top 5 fittest male members. (Meanwhile when we workout together I am among the BIGGEST belly group! Which I like because Sooner is going to be Ahmayzaing!) I digress…sorry…the point is when you are dressed well and it doesn’t have to be NEW or EXPENSIVE in order to be, you command a certain level of respect. People treat you better, you feel better… There is a reason why a GREAT “diet” tip is to GET UP AND DO YOUR HAIR AND WEAR JEANS.

The point is…I want to do better. I’m not talking about now, I mean baby is so low that my pants are lucky to stay UP and ON! I’m 40 + weeks pregnant, I’m allowing myself a little bit of frumpy, barefoot and pregnant look. I used to judge women like me when I was like 18, OH HOW THINGS CHANGE. Heh. And when Sooner is here, have mercy I will be rolling out of bed lucky if I notice the drool crust on the corner of my mouth until…3 pm. So yah. But when I DO stop wearing adult diapers and Sooner passes the infant crazy stage, we are LEAPING to the fitness and feel good stuff. I’m so excited!

Baby Update #3: I’m still pregnant. 40+3. It’s ok. Blizzard warning for this evening; here’s to hoping the storm does its job! I’ve been sick TWICE this morning. Two times. This whole pregnancy I have ONLY had about a 3 week reprieve from toilet worship. I know some of you feel that I am complaining a lot, and that I need to enjoy my time with Gooner, and my alone time but it is hard when I am about to head to the bathroom for my THIRD time JUST while writing this post. Just know I am doing my best to enjoy everything that is soon to change.

PS: Sorry for the lack of pictures…it is directly related to my lack of energy. It takes ALL day for me to clean our humble abode, make supper AND parent Gooner.

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11 thoughts on “Spring Fashion

  1. Oh man, you’ve been worshiping the porcelain God for 37+ weeks? That is frickin miserable!!!

    You’re so right about putting on a pair of jeans and doing your hair. I’ve just started that this past week or two, and it’s helping me to want to eat better, exercise more, you name it!

    I’m sure Sooner will decide to come during the height of the storm. That’s what I did back in ’82 – the docs had to get to the hospital (in MN) on snowmobiles! LOL

  2. This is your blog. You are allowed to complain here. If people don’t want to read it, they can click away. I love hearing from you, complaining or not.

    You are fully justified in being pregnant-not-stylish right now. Just hang on and survive… it has to end soon. And, you will have an awesome baby to show for all your work. 🙂

    With regards to fashion. I LOVE interesting fashion… I LOVE it. However, I have never been very good at it, for 1, and for 2, I REFUSE to spend a lot of money on it. Because, if I’m going to spend money on clothes it’s going to be on awesome outdoor clothes that will keep me warm and make all the outdoor stuff we do more comfortable. I’ve been trying to dress more attractively though, because a few weeks back my husband got home from work and said, “You look nice! Where did you go today?” And I said, “I ran errands. No, actually I did this for you!” And he started laughing and said, “Yeah right.” Ummmm…. OOOPS! Major, big time wife fail.

    So, anyway. I’ve been taking my obsessive watching of What Not to Wear, and trying to apply it every day, instead of just on Sunday. End long comment now.

  3. You are complaining a lot, but any lady that has ever been anywhere near a due date can/should understand!
    And it’s your blog and your space to say whatever you want.

  4. Lori

    Oh my gosh, this post made me laugh a lot.
    “And when Sooner is here, have mercy I will be rolling out of bed lucky if I notice the drool crust on the corner of my mouth until…3 pm. So yah. But when I DO stop wearing adult diapers and Sooner passes the infant crazy stage, we are LEAPING to the fitness and feel good stuff. I’m so excited!” – Especially this part…LOL!

    I understand about wanting to look nicer…I feel like all I ever wear is workout stuff except to go to church or if when we get a date night. BUT — I’ve at least tried to pull my hair into a tidy ponytail and splash on day make-up. (concealer, chapstick, mascara) Very minimal, but it makes me look less sickly.
    To me, you’re wonder woman…not many women do the preggo thing for as long as you nowadays.
    GO YOU!!! God bless the timing and miracle of this baby being born!

  5. M

    I don’t look at your thoughts as complaining. You are sharing your thoughts and trials with us. I appreciate you being honest with us.


  6. If I had blogged during a pregnancy it would have been one long horrible complaining rant, so NO, you are most definitely not complaining too much. Your excitement for the baby is getting me excited. As hard as labor is it is so magical, there’s nothing like it and I envy you and anyone else going through the experience. Seeing your new baby, Agggggh, it’s the best thing in life.

    And I am trying to dress better. I am. I am.

  7. Bless your heart…..yuck to being sick so much.
    I hope you know they’ll be plenty of rants when I get preggers.. I am a chicken when it comes to pain.

  8. Oh…I ❤ my yoga pants. But, I really need to make a better effort at "dressing up". If only jeans were as comfortable. Ha!

    • i’m with you mrs. southern bride – but instead of yoga pants i’m addicted to old navy gauchos *hahah* i can wear those pre-preg, during, and post! i’ll have to check out yoga pants….

  9. whoa..i’m with josey up there…only a 3 week reprieve??? holy cow…was it like that with your first too? i’m just impressed that you’re up cleaning and cooking still. this preg has got me thinking we’re ‘done’ (biologically) after this one and i’ve spent a ton of time in bed (and that’s only about two months of upchucking!). i’m very impressed! can’t wait for the baby announcement! (and pictures, of course)

  10. You are allowed to complain as much as you want…this is your blog and your life! My aunt lives in Colorado and she said it snowed 2 feet Friday…eek!

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