I Miss…

working out. (If you thought I was going to say BEING PREGNANT then you don’t know me very well.) I know, I know, ENJOY my baby… And I am. I’m not talking about working out to get my body back, but because I like it SO MUCH. Working out is a huge stress release and I miss it. And today was the first day I could fit it in…you know with two kids and all. We are still working on a schedule over here. The sleep schedule is pretty awesome. We are blessed with a good sleeper…again.

But back to working out…even Gooner misses it. So today we did a Beginners Beginner workout. Er almost two weeks post baby day. BUT, I took it easy. I did some planks and an arm workout. I followed with a  3 mile walk and I don’t think it was too much as I feel great.

CLEARLY I lost my workout buddy.

I love having a sister and so does Gooner. Oh, and we love the colour pink.

Also, Gooner had a NASTY chest/mucus/fever cold while we were “getting” Sooner. The day after we got home I got it. And now Sooner has it. There is NOTHING more pitiful than a week and a half old infant hacking and coughing. Her airways are SO SMALL and as this can be dangerous we have an apt. with the Dr. tomorrow. She has my immunities since I am breast feeding, but you can only take being hacked on for so long before you just HAVE to get sick.

The birth story is all typed up and ready for Q to edit. 🙂 SO, check back later this week to learn ALL about it.

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12 thoughts on “I Miss…

  1. Aw, so cute!! Congrats on your new baby girl!

  2. My first baby girl got a cough soon after she was born, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Eventually it passed and in 11 years she has been sick about 3 times.

  3. Hope Sooner is better soon. Love the way Gooner is right by her side!

  4. Aw! Poor sweet baby! It’s SO hard to watch them be sick period, but especially that soon after being born.

    SO glad you have a good sleep schedule, and so glad Gooner is loving her, and you got back to working out so fast. That is awesome!

  5. Errign

    Awwww yay! 🙂 Congratulations on your two beautiful girls!

  6. They are adorable! My boys have been sick several times already, and yes, it’s pitiful. I hope you all are feeling well real soon!

  7. What a sweet picture! Can’t wait to read about your birth story!!

  8. Oh how precious are they? My goodness. Be still my heart (and my ovaries that are screaming at me for a girl now). Hope you and Sooner are feeling well soon and that everyone continues feeling well until the winter season passes.

    And, working out two weeks post baby–you’re amazing!

  9. They are so cute!!!! Congrats on your new bundle of joy!! 🙂

  10. Of COURSE you are working out already. 🙂 You are one tough mama! Love the pic – but I’m sorry to hear everyone is under the weather! Here’s hoping it passed quickly.

  11. Lori

    3 miles. I don’t even do 3 miles in a day yet. I must be more like you!!! Gosh! How much do you run in a week to stay in shape? (Like not pregnant, or recovering from giving birth, haha!!) Get well family! Miss your updates, but TOTALLY understand. 🙂

  12. I just love that pic of the two of them!! 🙂 And good for you, getting a workout in already! You amaze me. Hope you continue to feel great and get good sleep at night!

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