The Birth Story: Part I

On Monday, February 6th I decided to go for a jog. I was 41 weeks pregnant and had worked out my entire pregnancy. I figured BEST case scenario I would pop my bag of waters. Worst case? I  would have a sore back and become tired. CLEARLY I did NOT break my water and only succeeded in feeling ridiculous. I was totally done with this pregnancy. I was tired of hearing friends and neighbors to ENJOY this last little bit of ME time. I was also tired of hearing, “You are STILL pregnant? Weren’t you due WEEKS ago?”

I would like to add that pregnant women should NEVER wear horizontal stripes. But being the pregnant woman that you are, your choices are limited and you are stuck between WHICH horizontal stripes would look better on you…or less fat.

Tuesday, February 7th arrived and I was still pregnant. I was not surprised; I’d decided that the baby NEVER wanted to evacuate the premises and I was almost right. 41 weeks + 1 day pregnant and the midwife deemed me READY, but I’d been ready physically for weeks, so what was new? I was 5 cm dilated and the baby was low. There was some concern…I’d lost 3 pounds that week and Baby Sooner was STILL measuring small, as she had been since Week 35. It seemed that my placenta had quit doing its job and it was time to talk induction. My midwife KNEW how I felt about induction, but also that I wanted a healthy baby. She beat around the bush about a non-stress test and hemmed and hawed until I busted out, “Are you telling me I could give birth to a dead baby?” (I’m more of a BLUNT person…) The midwife replied, “Well, yes, a possible still birth. This needs to happen today or tomorrow. Call your husband.”I was bleeding as well and baby needed out. Clearly she needed help in the evacuation process. I’d had irregular contractions for weeks and it was just causing me to dilate and become excessively tired. It honestly felt weird walking around five cm with Sooner’s head fully engaged in my pelvis. It was a total mystery why baby wasn’t coming OUT!

So I called Q. And my Mom. And Clarissa, who instantly came over to take care of Gooner for us while we “went and got baby sister.”

More to follow…

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11 thoughts on “The Birth Story: Part I

  1. That sounds so much like the convo I had with my midwife about Sprig! Minus the part of being 5cm’s dilated. 😉 Hope you and your girlies are doing fantastical!

  2. OOOoh – left us hanging?!!! I can’t imagine walking around 5cm dilated, though in retrospect after my 5hr labor, I kind of wonder if I was dilated before the whole labor thing. I never got checked, so I have no idea! Can’t wait to read the rest of your story!

  3. Part 2 is coming this weekend right? You are leaving us hanging. I love a good birth story! 🙂

  4. I can just hear u saying that to your midwife and her trying to answer u in the most positive way 🙂 oh man can’t wait to hear the rest AND have a phone date. Love u and your sweet beautiful family of four!!

  5. Lori

    Oh my GAWD! I got chills and you left me hanging. I HATE YOU. And I almost freaked out, but then calmed down because you and baby are okay. This is in the past.

    This is in the past.
    Whew. Can’t wait for more 🙂

  6. can’t wait to hear the next one! and girl! 41 weeks and jogging! I can’t believe it! super woman!

  7. Clarissa

    Oh my goodness waiting was AGONIZING! I can’t help chuckling every time I remember you telling me about how you made your midwife give you a straight answer on the “dead baby” thing. Of course it was a very serious moment, but I love you for (and relate to) the need for a straight answer. And imagining the wheels turning in the midwife’s head as she assessed how she would deal with your blunt assessment is just priceless! P.S. It was super-sweet of you to link my post. 🙂

  8. Wow wow wow. This, and this is not even the pushing part, has made me realize that I probably can never be pregnant or go through labor. You’re amazing going to 41 weeks + 1 day.

  9. Oh yikes, babies, it’s never easy with them. At least you can hold this over her sweet little head for her entire life.

  10. WHY do they insist on beating around the bush!? Just give it to me straight, I can take that much better than the vague.

    You are AWESOME. I’m so impressed that you made it that long without induction… And, I am SO SO SO glad that she is safely here. So scary!

  11. So glad that we know there is a healthy, beautiful baby BEFORE you posted this!! Can’t wait for Part 2…

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