The Birth Story: Part II

Sooner had a steady heart beat – BUT not willing to take chances – I agreed to my midwife popping my bag of waters. I also denied the dreaded Pitocin, hoping that popping my bag would start things going! UNLESS Sooner was in distress I DID NOT WANT IT. I knew that if I got Pitocin I would get the epidural and I REALLY wanted to try delivering Sooner naturally. I’d heard/read it was one of the BEST feelings in the world. They were right. And pitocin FEELS terrible. It is the saliva of satan.

5 AM arrived on Wednesday and EVERYONE was up. Clarissa had arrived the night before since we had to be up so early in the morning. It was AMAZING to have her help in the morning since Gooner was so sick. I’d had contractions all night and felt tired. Gooner woke up hacking with a terrible cough and did NOT want her Mommy and Daddy to leave. But leave we did. It was so hard to leave my sick daughter. I wanted to stay because Gooner needed me. But I knew that Sooner needed me too. I felt like this was my FIRST experience as a mother of two, of feeling divided. They BOTH needed me. And Clarissa saved the day by taking care of Gooner and loving on her when we couldn’t.

The hospital room was what you would expect it to be, only we had a tub for natural birth…that we never used. Sorry, I guess I won’t be around to convince you all that water birth is the only way to go. ANYWAY, they gave me my strep B +antibiotics and we had eight hours, I repeat, EIGHT hours to kill until the midwife came in to pop my waters.

Q and I enjoyed our day together at the hospital. This is our only “waiting around” photo!

Without Gooner around we had ample time to talk.Ā  It felt like an eight hour long date. I was in my normal clothing and was no longer attached to an IV Pole. We were to meet our daughter relatively soon and dined on super yummy hospital food. They had white chocolate cranberry cookies to DIE for. The meals were huge so even though Q didn’t receive meals – since he wasn’t a patient – we shared mine. It was during our 1 pm date that the midwife arrived and told us it was time.

I felt nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time. It must have showed because Q told me to calm down. The midwife tore my bag in TWO places… but NOTHING happened. No dripping water and no big gush like I was supposed to have. Contractions started though because my girl parts had been messed with. Two hours later my midwife came back and I was at a six. She tried to pull my bag AGAIN…to no avail. I’d been leaking fluid for weeks and poor Sooner has just run out. Scary.

Plan B: The midwife wanted to have the baby by 9 PM and encouraged Pitocin. At this point we had a little time. At this point it was just a suggestion.

By now it was 5 PM and THANKFULLY our SUPER annoying nurse left. This gal wanted to talk politics as folks ALWAYS do when they find out about Q’s job BUT really? We weren’t in the mood to talk politics. Q had mentally checked out from politics since he officially started paternity leave. Plus he was tending to my needs since I was attached to a fetal monitor every few hours to make sure Sooner was ok. And what did Big D Nurse want to talk about? HEALTH CARE! Of course!!! For the love. SHE left and, thanks be to God, we got an awesome nurse for the evening. She was sweet, attentive, respectful of our need to be alone and helpful in helping me attain my goal of natural childbirth. Apparently lots of women SAY they want to go natural and when the pain becomes intense and unbearable, they immediately recant their confession and beg for an epidural. The other nurses thought I was going to be one of “those” patients so they kept on giving us that “look” every time we went out on a walk. Not rude, but just KNOWING, because childbirth HURTS!

We still had a lot of work to do before this:

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12 thoughts on “The Birth Story: Part II

  1. Oh, that Sooner girl! She just wasn’t in any kind of hurry, was she? Is she super laid back still, or has she changed her mind since her debut? šŸ˜‰ Um, she’s adorable. Absolutely adorable!

  2. She is precious! Love her hair.

  3. Love her!

    What a crazy intense story. I’m still shaking in my boots lady and I even know how it ends! I could see myself as saying I wanted to do things naturally and then changing my mind.

  4. Clarissa

    Having a date with your husband is fun. šŸ™‚ You have the craziest birth stories, dear. I’m so glad that this one has a happy ending, but there sure is a lot of uncertainty on the way there!

  5. That nurse sounds awful! So scary your waters were pretty much dry! Can’t wait for the rest!

  6. The Mommy

    She’s so cute! I think it is super hard to leave your first “baby” to have your second baby. I felt really torn when we went through it, too.

  7. That face…I loves it….what a doll. : )

  8. Seriously she is adorable! Looks just like her big sis in that picture with all that beautiful curly hair šŸ™‚ can’t wait to hear the rest

  9. She is darling. I can’t wait to hear the rest of her story. So glad you are both doing well!

  10. Oh wow, it is never easy. I had a horrible nurse too. She made all these crazy scared faces and kept saying I was losing so much blood. I was scared. Poker Face Nurse, Poker face!!!

  11. Your story is so wonderful thus far!! I’m enjoying reading it. And seeing more glimpses of Sooner. šŸ™‚ What a beautiful family you have!!!

  12. Oh that sweet baby. She is just so precious. I adore her hair.

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