It Had to Happen

Her First Arsenal Game.

At some point I will blog about something than my children and handsome husband. But not for awhile. Life is too short to spend time telling you about my workouts and eats! For reals! At least right now. I’m spending my days reassuring  my eldest that she is loved and cherished and THE BIG SISTER! She has a big twin bed ALL for herself. This makes bedtimes interesting.

I spend the other part of my days holding, loving, and kissing the littlest. And cleaning up after she poops on herself and ON me.

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6 thoughts on “It Had to Happen

  1. You have such a precious family…so happy for you girl 🙂

  2. Aw. There’s nothing more wonderful than a handsome husband and beautiful babies. 🙂

    Your sweeties look like SISTERS, for sure!! So cute!

  3. Glad you’re enjoying life. These pictures are awesome!!

  4. Adorable! Such a precious family.

  5. Gooner’s face couldn’t be any cuter. She is a living doll.

  6. OMG Gooner looks like such a big girl in that bed! So adorable.

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