Body Gospel by Beach Body

Have you heard of Body Gospel? It’s like RIP MY EYES OUT annoying. I thought that since I LOVE Turbo Fire I would automatically LOVE Body Gospel. I started this workout about 3 weeks after having Sooner. I only worked out IF I felt fabulous; if I didn’t, I would do a Leslie Sansone walking video, or sit the day out. I thought Body Gospel would be GREAT since I’d birthed a baby and would therefore need something challenging yet easy.

First off, the music is bad. REALLY bad. I actually LIKE praise music. I can totally get a good run in while listening to David Crowder and Delirious? I come home feeling invigorated and awesome. But the music in Body Gospel is straight up OLD SCHOOL gospel. Um, really? And the instructor uses phrases like, “Spiritual Guns and Blessed Buns.” And exercises like “infinity arms” and the “David Cha cha”. Because we ALL know that David did the cha cha for the Lord.

Secondly there are some crazy moves, and not in a fun challenging way. No, it’s in a super annoying in the do-I-really-have-to-do-this kind of way. I have good knees. I have no problems running, kick boxing, Turbo Fire, Step, Aqua Zumba 😉  Body Gospel includes long legged jumps while moving up and back that make me say OUCH!

One of the workouts is 10 minutes 45 second long. TOTAL. You do this at least twice a week. The workout is called “Stretch in the Spirit.” How am I supposed to lose weight in ten minutes? Yah….not me.

I’m on Day 19 of 30 days. I want to finish. I HATE NOT finishing. Yet at the same time I am dreading working out. So, your opinion please!

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5 thoughts on “Body Gospel by Beach Body

  1. I voted to start J.M. because her videos are hard and make you sweat. Although to get your sense of completion I feel you should do the gospel workout as a cool down. After finishing Jillian’s workout you just might look forward to the ease of it.

    And unfortunately diet is most of it so up the protein and veggies. Boring but effective. Don’t know why I am giving advice when I just had some banana bars.

  2. I vote for ditching Body Gospel and doing either Jillian or something else you will look forward to doing it!!

  3. That sounds awful! Jillian is calling your name… 🙂

  4. naomigrebe

    Um, that sounds awful! And uncomfortable to listen to. Ditch it, and do something that won’t annoy you. It doesn’t count as “not completing” it, because it’s worthless in the first place. Just ask me, I’ll justify whatever for you. 🙂

  5. This post cracks me up. The music to accompany it reminds me of when my church used to rent out the skating rink when I was in junior high. They’d play hymns & classical piano over the speakers. Have you ever skated to classical music? It’s a strange feeling. 🙂

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