Being a Mom is Glamorous

I only got a few hours of sleep last night because Sooner was SUPER hungry.

And once, after a feeding, I forgot to turn on her fan. She likes her fan.

I went to bed late because Q and I had a SUPER two hour conversation that did not include our children OR thoughts about our children as topics. It was like we were on a date…only we weren’t. But when you don’t have family around and your littlest is 8 weeks and attached to your boob hip, you take what you can get.

Once my neighbor took Gooner for half an hour and it was an A-MAZING half hour. I’ve turned into one of THOSE Mom’s that says things like, “I forgot how EASY one kid is.” The only difference, I would NEVER say that to someone who is struggling to survive with one kid. It’s all perception and I don’t know what YOU are going through and YOU don’t know what I’m going through. SO, as mothers, let’s try not to judge each other. M kay?

BUT, a mother with one child at story time irritated me. She mentioned how BUSY I look with TWO and that she was stopping with ONE because of all the work.

What I wanted to say:

It looks like you got a shower today. And straightened your hair. And your nails are done. And you have perfect make up. And your daughter is clean and her curly hair is perfect. And I’m quite certain your designer jeans do NOT have elastic at the waist. And is that a Mc Donald’s cup tucked in your purse? Hello pink SLIME.

What I said: Oh, that’s nice…because, like I mentioned above, I’m not in the business of judging you…

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3 thoughts on “Being a Mom is Glamorous

  1. LOL. I LOVE when people tell me I look ‘busy’ or ‘my hands are full’. 😉

  2. LOVE. You could answer like the Mama on another blog I read, “Yes, I’m busy…but my heart is full.” Since I’ve had two, and my oldest was 4 by the time his little Sister came along, I’m very aware of how “easy” I had it with one child. But, I wouldn’t trade “the busyness” of today for anything (except maybe a nap & a massage, ha!). I joke. 🙂

  3. You crack me up! I love it. 🙂

    I did create a wordpress account but I don’t really know how to change the layout or design the way I want it. I guess I’m just too familiar with blogger and comfortable with how it works. Have you tried to comment any time recently? Is it still not working for you? What does it say?

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