Colorado – Oklahoma – Texas

The girls and I are currently in Texas living it up while Q is working on the budget for Colorado. That sounded like so much fun that the girls and I left Q and flew to Oklahoma. We then drove 4 hours to Texas, which turned into 6 hours with the whole breast feeding, poopy diaper, kid needs to pee… thing.

Security was a breeze. I was worried going through the airport with my almost THREE year old and 8 weeker, BUT it was easy. Breast feeding in the busy airport was simple with my hooter hider and Gooner chomped on super greasy hash browns from the Golden Arches. How is it that 2 hash browns and some orange juice costs $5.07? Ridiculous.

Traversing the airport, alone, with two little ones was EASY because of the Baby Jeep (similar to a BabyBjorn). I wore Sooner in front of me, the diaper bag on one side and Gooners hand in the other. No big deal. Right? We boarded the plane early and a kind stewardess female flight attendant helped us, making this EASY as well. Off to a good start right? JUST as we were about to take off the OTHER flight attendant came to me and told me to , “Please remove your baby from her carrier. We cannot take off with a baby in a carrier. Your arms must be her seat belt.” Really? Because if we CRASH you want my baby to PROJECTILE FLING out of my arms instead of being STRAPPED to my chest all safe and snug? AND you want me to  wake my SLEEPING baby RIGHT BEFORE TAKE OFF? Are you on crack lady? As soon as she walked off EVERYONE around me told me to ignore her. I guess they wanted our flight free from a screaming infant. And the flight was scream free because I ignored her. Seriously? Idiot. She must not have children. If she had pressed it I would have gone all Mom Wild on her. I doubt she would have wanted that. I would have wanted to see the rule book and such. OR at least her sound logic and stuff like that.

Gooner clung to her Grandma like stink on manure. I didn’t know if she would remember her…but she did. And the girls are getting royally spoiled. I don’t know how much blogging or blog reading I will be doing while I’m melting down here in the south. And I have yet to get my camera out of the suitcase….er bad Mom award!

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5 thoughts on “Colorado – Oklahoma – Texas

  1. I’ve heard of that stupid “arms as seatbelt” rule – my girlfriend ignored her as well. Frickin’ stupid. Glad your traveling went smoothly!!

  2. That sounds like the stupidest rule ever. I’m glad you ignored her.

  3. The Mommy

    Hope the rest of your trip and your return goes just as well as the first part of your trip has!!

  4. Why would your arms be any better than her being strapped in, glad you ignored her.

    When Emry was 2 and Lila was a newborn I too went to Texas by myself. I felt so bad for the man that sat next to us. Really bad. The girls were good but the whole flight I was reading kid books and nursing.

  5. Family time is so fun!! You will have to come visit us in OK when we move on one of your trips!!

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