Take Me Out of My Misery

I can’t swallow without that feeling of sawdust scraping against sand paper. My eyes are having a hard time figuring out whether to tear up and fall like Niagra OR dry up and crack like those desert pictures from National Geographic…so they take turns doing both. And it all makes me want to brush my teeth. Which I have. Six times today.

Texas does not like me. At least the people do. We always get a warm welcome when we come back. Thankfully the pool isn’t warm enough to swim in yet. Gooner would LOVE to swim, but I had a baby 2 months ago. My string bikini bathing costume is going to have to wait a little longer for use.  Bummer. Sorry Texas.

Q and I are normally pretty private people. SO, you might wonder why we are KISSING on our blog header…? I chose this picture from our wedding because this month we celebrate FOUR years of marriage. And kissing is romantic. Gotta keep the romance alive folks. If Q were to try to kiss me now I would cough in his face… which is NOT romantic. Reminder: use discretion when kissing.

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6 thoughts on “Take Me Out of My Misery

  1. I love how he’s looking at you, such a beautiful pic.
    Hope you feel better love, my allergies are on full attack mode.

  2. Awful!! 😦 I’m sorry, that allergies got you. Joel and Mr. P have been dealing with them too, but not to that extent! Enjoy your time with family!!

  3. Oh my gosh I am so sorry. I don’t have allergies but my mom has them really bad and they are the worst.

    I love your header, 4 years is awesome!!

  4. Allergies are evil! Sounds like you are having a good visit in spite of them though. I think the picture is very sweet. Congrats on the upcoming anniversary.

  5. naomigrebe

    Aw, man! Allergies are the devil. Congrats on four years!! Every year is a milestone, especially since the majority of life is about coughing and other unpleasant things. 🙂 The kisses and love make it all worthwhile, right?!

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