How do Vegans do it?

While I breast fed Gooner I could eat anything I wanted. It was great.

MEANWHILE, my friend Kelley had a baby boy code named, “LB” – find her blog here. She posted and phoned me about how she couldn’t eat any dairy. She told me all about how much she missed cheese, and pizza, and lalala. I pitied empathized with her and gave her virtual support. I felt terrible for her. I didn’t know how she did it. BUT she lost her baby weight quickly because she cut so much out of her diet. I was SO GLAD I wasn’t her. Famous last words.

And now I am eating those words. Sooner gets INSANELY gassy, poopy, arched-back-screaming-wild-child if I have the slightest amount of dairy. My 9 week old can’t have dairy. I can’t have dairy. Have mercy. I NOW have honest-to-goodness empathy when I hear someone say they can’t have this or that because they are breast feeding. I don’t like it when my baby hurts. Or screams in my ear for hours. SO, I’ve stopped with the dairy(and garlic) and my happy, smiley, baby is back.

Now my food choices are limited. Seriously EVERYTHING has dairy or garlic in it. Seriously? I already felt like that girl because I don’t like to eat at the regular fast food chains. It’s certainly not the end of the world, BUT changes like this are honestly HUGE decisions.  Our menu here in Texas totally changed. No enchiladas, salsa, marinated chiken/beef/venison, barbecue sauce, ranch dressing… the list continues on and on and on. I thought I had a touchy sensitive baby but I didn’t, I just had a baby sensitive to the food I was eating.

Maybe this will help with my weight loss? I can’t imagine how it couldn’t. And tomorrow we head home to Colorado and say goodby to Grandma, Grandpa and the Lonestar State!

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10 thoughts on “How do Vegans do it?

  1. Poor mommy and baby!

  2. Ugh, I’m sorry! Kenzie was the same way and it took me a while to figure out bc Preston wasn’t like that. At. All! I had to cut out dairy too (except for farm fresh milk) and tomato products. I SO missed salsa/ketchup/bbq…It was rough for a while, but I learned to eat around those things for the most part. If I did eat a small bit of “regular dairy” like ice cream, she would have the arched back and screams that you spoke of. 😦 Oh! One thing that was great was Gripe Water…Have you heard of it? I liked the Colic Calm brand and it would help her immensely if her tummy was in pain. Hope your trip home goes well! It was so great “chatting” with you last night!!

  3. Goat cheese became my best friend through those long months only negative is I can’t really eat it now bc I had so much. But it is worth it and you can totally do it! Let’s do a phone date to chat more once your settled. I will send you an email soon.
    Praying for you and sweet little sooner!

  4. The Mommy

    Poor things! At least Sooner is happy, I guess! Try to focus on that. Life without salsa would be hard.

  5. I am been through periods of having a vegan diet and while I think it can be done very healthily, it can also be heavy on carbs and therefore not be so helpful in weight loss.

    I love dairy and garlic so I feel bad for you, but it’s only temporary.

    A good alternitive to yogurt would be coconut milk, which I looooooove.
    A bowl of fruit topped with a little coconut milk and granola is heavenly.

  6. Oh friend! I’m glad you figured it out, but I am really sorry you have to give up garlic for a year! And cheese! And maybe I should give up dairy to lose weight with you. We’ll see.

  7. I might have a breakdown if I had to give up dairy, but if it’s for baby it’s worth it.

  8. naomigrebe

    It’s so great you figured out why though!! I agree, I don’t know how people stick to diets like that. I love my fruits and veggies and lean meats, but the dairy and bacon bring joy to my heart. 🙂

    My second one screamed for 4 months straight. I fully understand why they actually have hotlines for parents of colicky infants… it was amazing. You start getting crazy!! I tried to cut foods out, but in retrospect I wonder if I didn’t try hard enough. I feel bad about that, but you live and learn, I guess.

  9. Oh man! I just know this is going to happen to me too whenever I have a baby. I’m always the lucky one. 🙂

    I feel for you!!

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